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November 17, 2021
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108 Proven Split Test Winners (Get It FREE Now!)

108 Proven Split Test Winners [Get It FREE Now!]

They say data doesn't lie.

That's why split tests are so important.

You can't guess what design elements will work on your landing page, you need data-driven results.

But what if you could skip the testing and just use proven elements on your sales page?

For example, did you know that there are phycological differences between particular wording, numbers used, and even the grade spelling you use!

This is exactly what this new book from Russell Brunson goes over!

Oh, and what If I told you it's a free book?

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Here is exactly why you should sign up to the One Funnel Away Challenge right now:


  • It's a free book.
  • Most insightful tests about A/B testing.
  • Teaches you to make more revenue online.
  • Taught by professionals


  • Some things may have changed since release.

108 proven split test winners will take the guess work out of designing your landing page. You will get more customers, sales and business simply changing a few things on your existing sales funnel or website.

Get The Book Now!

Adding these simple tweaks means you will make money faster and convert higher.

What Is 108 Proven Split Test Winners?

108 Proven Split Test Winners [Get It FREE Now!] 1

108 Proven Split Test Winners from Russell Brunson is a free pdf ebook that will help you to save time and money when it comes down to creating websites or landing pages.

You may have thought about trying out some new layouts, only for them not to be successful after over 1 thousand visitors!

This book has 108 proven split test winner strategies so the guesswork of which design works best can now easily be done on your own without having any previous experience necessary at all - saving YOU countless hours testing different designs until one sells well enough in terms of conversions.

This means more money for you with fewer dollars spent on ads.

Get The Book Now!

What's A Split Test?

108 Proven Split Test Winners [Get It FREE Now!] 2

A/B testing is a great way to increase conversions, make more money and sell products.

One of the easiest ways you can do that? Increase your conversion rate from existing traffic by using split tests!

A single variable like words or sentences might not seem very conclusive but when executed properly it could lead to increased sales.

The same goes for colors and the placement of different elements. This is why layout choices when it comes to designing either a sales page, website, or landing pages.

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What 108 Proven Split Test Winners Will Teach You

  • “Buy Now” vs. “Free Trial” - One of these will give you a 158.6% increase in conversions​.
  • When do you show your order form? ​-​​​ If you screw this up you could lose up to 44% of your sales. Want to know the right way? ​
  • Did you know? - Putting the “Add to Cart” button in the wrong spot on your website / funnel can actually INCREASE sales by up to 38%.
  • Animated vs. Static headline - ​​​one of these will DROP your conversions by 29% – DON’T USE THE WRONG ONE! ​
  • Long copy vs Video Sales Letter​ - there is finally a definitive winner and you may be shocked at the victor. But you’ll be more shocked when your sales increase 33% by choosing the right one! ​
  • Should you do a 7 or 30 day trial for your product? - One will give you a profit crushing 110% increase in conversions – do you know which one?
  • All free trials are not created equal - Should you get a credit card entered or not? One option yielded 50% more paid customers. Do you want 50% more customers?

These are just some of the examples of what you will learn. Of course, this book is filled with 108 split test winners! This is a must-have for anyone looking to increase the conversions on their website.

Get 108 Proven Split Test Winners FREE Download

It's not just a hard copy of 108 Proven Split Test Winners that you get, you also get the PDF version INSTANTLY!! No waiting for it to be shipped, you can start increasing your conversions right away.

Best of all, this is 100% free (just pay to ship!). This information will raise your conversion rate, increase your opt-ins and boost your sales.

What have you got to lose?

Did we miss something in our 108 Proven Split Test Winners review? Let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them.

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