About Me

Hey, I'm Michael Pedrotti. A high school dropout, D grade student, couldn't pay attention to anything and thought I was an all-round failure, but despite that, I just knew I wanted to do 2 things with my life

  1. Be a millionaire before 30 ($3300 per day, every day)
  2. Have my own business

I just didn't know how to get there. Then one day I realized I was crazy about online marketing.

But let me back it up a little.

michael pedrotti marketing

I wasn't always like this. In fact, it was only until the past few years that I took online marketing seriously.

Before then, I was slaving away 9 - 5, working on my gaming website trying to get more members.

Little did I know I actually had a skill for ranking websites using SEO (Search Engine Optimization aka, ranking websites at the top of Google).

This ended up leading me down a rabbit hole, and it turned into my full-time career.

How I Realised I Had A Skill For Marketing

Well, it just so happens I was born with it, and I have always been an expert. Right?

Well no, I was just like you (I think)

I simply had a goal in mind and wanted to complete it.

To give you some background, in 2007, I had a gaming community forum, and I wanted to rank it on Google. I looked up the basics of SEO, made sure my site was optimized, created some backlinks manually and I was off to the races.

People then found my site, and I grew that community to 500 active members. Sweet!

after SEO

My forum after applying some basic SEO.​

Fast forward some years after working on my own projects to 2013, I then started working for an IT company, so I decided to try the same methods I used previously on the business website. And hey presto I was able to rank it to number 1 (and it still hovers around position 1 - 3 today!).

Keep in mind at this point in my life, online business took a back seat to my cars at the time.

toyota aristo 2jz single turbo burnout

It was around this time I discovered my mentor and some of the things he spoke about enticed me to think broader than just the 9 - 5 mentality.

This was a turning point in my life.

My mentor taught me many things, but one major thing was I needed to stop exchanging my time for money, and I already have the skill to do it.

Making My First Money Online From A Website

So while I had made money online previously, it was always in exchange for my time (Drop Servicing/Freelancing).

While this is obviously a valid way to make money online, it wasn't really what I wanted in the long term.

So I thought I would stick to what I'm a gun at, building gaming websites.

But this time, I went into the venture with the intention of making money from my website.

So I started with 1 website.



But I knew, if others can do it, so can I.

So I kept at it and eventually, that big commission came through.

A massive $0.36 cents!


So hooked that I worked on that website harder. I ended up making that website hit $10 - $20 per day.

early website commissions
My stats from when I was just starting out.

I'll be rich in no time!

Or so I thought….

Learning From The Mistakes I Made

It was at this stage I thought to myself

"If I just make 20 websites the same, ill make 20x the profit"

It sounds as though it would work, but It never works out how you want it to. I now know It's the mistake of your effort going in too many different directions.

Not to mention, I was still working full time elsewhere and was spending TONS of my money on cars.

I knew I was doing something wrong, but I didn't know what. So I decided to just start consuming as much content as I could about SEO, Paid Ads, Copywriting, and Marketing in general.

My skill level exploded, I started testing everything I could and pushing the limits of what could be done.

And you know what, I started having some success again. I started running some paid ads to the mix, and it was going great!

My first experience with paid ads. $100 to make this!

But I lacked something, and that was time.

I was wasting my time on irrelevant things that were not helping me achieve my goals.

The Turning Point

I knew that achieving my goal of becoming a millionaire before I was 30 would take WAY more capital than I had.

So what did I do?

  • I took the plunge and applied myself.
  • I quit my 9 - 5
  • I sold everything I owned, sold my cars, and started to serve the people.
  • I started reading books (like Expert Secrets), started looking at the success clues that other professionals had left.
  • I quit playing computer games too, as this was a MASSIVE waste of time. (Seriously, play games when you already achieve your goals)
  • I moved to Singapore and started an SEO agency (Bootstrapped), and this helped me get some capital together. I was able to use everything I learned to help other people in the industry and create a name for myself.
  • I then focused on combining everything I had learned into one marketing bomb.
  • I started a foundation of websites to be my automatic lead generators
  • I went from doing $10 days to $1000+ days and beyond.
  • I became the top affiliate for multiple programs.

Oh, and I also became a Clickfunnels Dreamcar winner.

clickfunnels dream car winner screenshot proof

So Whats The Shortcut?

Remember what I said above, there is nothing special about me.

I'm just like you.

And you can learn from the mistakes I made to shortcut your way to success.

The first thing to do is to get a mentor. For this, I would suggest my mentor Lewis Mocker.

His wisdom and the Monthly Mastermind community is a great place to hang around other people who are looking for success. His content is next level. It covers a lot more than simply making money online too.

Next is to start reading!

I literally HATED reading, but a book that changed it for me that I still refer to is Expert Secrets. This helped me get over some fears of getting myself out there in front of people.


No one else who is making money online is any different from you, they have simply made sacrifices, put in the time, and done the hard work to become successful!

I hope one day to be reading your story too.

michael pedrotti signiture