March 5, 2020

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program: Should You Signup Today Or Go Elsewhere?

To the casual observer, the name ClickFunnels could sound something that was dreamt up in Silicon Valley, whose main aim to reel in people and have them spending their hard-earned cash. To the cautious spenders, they may immediately scoff it off as just another pyramid scheme meant to dupe people. This happens when they do not do their own research into what it actually is.
Yes, ClickFunnels is actually meant to rope in people and have them spending their hard-earned cash. And then to make things more interesting, they do get the people who sign up for it, to get other people to sign up for it in what they call an affiliate program. But isn’t that what pyramid schemes do?
Yes, but ClickFunnels is not a pyramid scheme. In fact, it could be the furthest thing from such nefarious activities. ClickFunnels is something entirely different. It is a tool, a screwdriver, if you will, that business people can implement into their everyday activities to help their business gain traction.
Still not clear enough? Let’s take a closer look at what it actually is.

What is ClickFunnels?

For those lucky enough to have attended some sort of sales training, you may be familiar with what a sales funnel is. For those who don’t, a sale funnel is a process through which potential customers go through, to turn them from casual observers into actual buyers of your products.
This process goes from them becoming aware of your brand or product, to developing an interest in your products if ever they want to consume similar products. They will then make a decision about it by comparing to your competitors. If your product meets their needs, they then take action of buying.
The internet works differently from the real world. In the real world, it would take an advertisement on radio, television, the newspapers, billboards among other methods to get the intended target to become aware of your product.
On the internet, you will have to use a variety of methods such as search engine marketing and social media marketing to get the intended people to view your products. When they do click your products, they will be redirected to your website.
Websites have pages known as landing pages. The main function of these landing pages is to convince the casual observer who clicked on your ad that your product is worth buying. If it is poorly constructed, the user would take one look at it and judge your product based on the quality of the page, but other criteria also come into play. If it is done poorly, then that potential lead disappears without thinking twice
Here is where ClickFunnels comes in. ClickFunnels is known among internet business owners as the landing page builder jacked up on steroids. What it does is allow you to build pages, or even entire websites, that give you amazing control over the sales process, from the person becoming aware of your product, to actually buying your product.
This makes it an all-in-one solution for people who are looking to venture into online businesses, but don’t have the technical know how to build one from scratch. The automation benefits that ClickFunnels offers to marketing departments, or sole owners, make it a mist have for businesses that are looking to quickly capture leads without worrying about blowing their budget.

What is affiliate marketing.

Another one of those terms that are familiar to those who may have attended some sort of sales training, but still quite unclear for those who are bootstrapping their business without having attended a single lecture or class on marketing.
Everyone wants to make money in their sleep. Even on these very Interwebs, some have hilariously called for sleep to be made a competitive sport sponsored by the best bed, mattress, pillow and beddings makers. That would be a sport I would join and become highly competitive at.

However, if wishes were horses… that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, or it doesn’t happen. Actually, it’s happening even as you read this. People are making money while they sleep. How do they achieve it? Affiliate marketing. Yes, I haven’t said much.
The most direct definition is that affiliate marketing is earning a cut of the sales, a commission basically, from the successful sale of an item or product owned by a third party. You earn this commission by making concerted efforts to promote that product and when a sale is attributable to you, you get a cut.

This is a sales model utilized by a lot of online retail platforms such as Amazon as well as other businesses. The commission is basically a compensation for the efforts you have made towards promoting the product.
According to the materials you may have come across, they describe the people involved in the transaction to be three parties, while others make the transaction between four parties. Let’s take a quick look at who they are.

The first party is known as The Merchant. This Merchant is responsible for the creation and branding of a product. Anyone can be a merchant, be it a brilliant individual who saw a need and decided to fill it, or a corporation managed by shadowy people in charcoal grey suits.

The second party is known as the affiliate. This affiliate could also be an individual or an actual network of businesses. Unlike The Merchant, The Affiliate cannot afford to rest on their laurels. They are the most active part of the affiliate network as it is their job to convince a lead that the product they are looking at is better, and therefore cause the lead to turn into a purchase.
The third party is known as The Consumer. This is the bread and butter of the affiliate system. The function of The Consumer is to purchase products. This enables the merchant to earn from the purchase, and then the affiliate to get an agreed upon share of the sales they worked hard to promote.

What is ClickFunnels affiliate marketing.

Now that we have a good understanding of what ClickFunnels and affiliate marketing are, it’s time to look at what these two are when put together.
Well, there’s nothing different that will spring out as if these words put together will mean something different like a cypher or an exotic language. What this means is ClickFunnels, or rather the company behind it, are the merchants in this arrangement, and you have the chance to become an affiliate of the program.
Your job will be to market the ClickFunnels software and earn a commission for every successful sale made that is attributable to you. Now this is the definition of earning while you sleep.
The ClickFunnels Affiliate program works in a unique way. You may have purchased the ClickFunnels software to help you take your business to the next level by driving leads further down the sales funnel and earning you healthy profits in the process.
The company does give you an opportunity to earn more from them. All you need to do is sign up for their affiliate program and beginning marketing ClickFunnels to other businesspeople out there who you know desperately need to do something to their business websites for them to stay afloat.
Whenever you look to joining an affiliate program, there are six crucial things you should look at to determine if it’s best for you. These are

  • Training for new affiliates.
  • High quality materials for use by affiliates.
  • High commissions that recur.
  • A reputable brand.
  • Transparency from the company/The Merchant.
  • How long the affiliate cookie lasts.
  • ClickFunnels meets all six.

For you to be able to rise to the top of the earnings chart, you have to take good hard look at the training materials and become a master of what ClickFunnels has to offer to potential leads. Besides that, you also have to gain a proper wealth of marketing tactics if you are to make a sale in this crowded internet space we all inhabit.
Joining the ClickFunnels is easy. All you have to do is become a member, even if you don’t make a purchase. Every member automatically becomes an affiliate of the program.

What are the benefits?

Oh, here comes the juicy part…

The commissions:

Of all the affiliate programs out there, very few can give as much as ClickFunnels does to its affiliates. For every sale, ClickFunnels give you a commission of 40%. No, this is no prank. This means if you do manage to get someone on their monthly plan of $97, you earn a commission of $38.8.
Now, if you do work hard enough to get, say, 100 people signed up to the program, that’s a whopping $3,880. For those who know how to manage their budgets, this is enough earnings to replace their day jobs, giving you enough time to concentrate on the things they love, like making more money.
Now, that was just sales of the main product. If you do get to sell the other products, you still get a 40% commission on those sales. These include the Funnel University program and the Funnel Scripts, which are a series of books. The notable exception is the One Funnel Away challenge. For this, ClickFunnels offers you 100% of the commission. Since it is $100, you blissfully earn $100 for every sale you make.

As if those commissions weren’t enough, they decided to make things even sweeter. The affiliate program allows you to purchase or lease the vehicle of your dreams. No, this last sentence wasn’t meant for another article or catfish you into signing up.
How this works is, when you manage to sign up 100 people to the program, they will give you a $500 bonus every month that is meant to pay the lease on your car. If you really put in some elbow grease and manage to bring in 200 people, this bonus figure will rise to $1,000. What a way to incentivize the affiliates into taking action.
And just so you can see for yourself in this list, this vehicle buying program is no hoax. On it, you will find notable names such as Robert Kiyosaki, Ben Cummings and Tai Lopez. No way would they put their names on a scam just to real in people.
One cool thing about the affiliate program is this feature called

a sticky cookie. What this basically means is you may make your pitch to someone and they do get to visit the site but don’t buy anything. Down the road when they do come back to the site to make a purchase, you will still get the commission from the purchases they make, even if they were referred again by someone else.

Now to make things really interesting, those people that you do manage to sign up, when they go ahead to bring in their own customers, you still get a commission of 5% for every sale they make. This should be the dictionary definition of what motivation is, and it should make its way onto Investopedia as an excellent way to motivate sales teams.
Motivated enough? Here are several methods you can use to make money from the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Conclusion

If you have your own business, build a sales funnel that leads back to your own business.
Take a look at the local businesses in your area. If they’re not yet aware of ClickFunnels, take advantage and introduce them to it, and share your funnels.
Become a funnel consultant. No, really. People are offering their services to others, where they build sales funnels for other businesses.
It is said imitation is the best form of flattery. In this case, imitating a funnel that you like could end up earning you life changing amounts.
As a business person, email marketing is something that you always have to do. Spice it up with some funnel sharing.

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