Clickfunnels Discount: HOW TO GET THE CHEAPEST PLAN!


Looking for a Clickfunnels Discount? Look no further!

In this post we will show you the different discounts that you can get for Clickfunnels

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Best Deal

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Today, entrepreneurs can sell their products or services to a customer without minding his or her geographic location. As many entrepreneurs will agree, the internet has slowly turned the world of business into a small village. Even with all the good stories concerning the role of the internet towards business, joining the platform doesn’t guarantee success.

Over the past few decades, almost every sector in the world has been experiencing significant changes. The business sector is one of the few areas, which have been experiencing tremendous growth.

The internet is one of the primary tools which have impacted business growth. Today, many businesses have shifted their operations online. One fantastic thing about taking a business online is that it opens doors to the global market.

Like the physical markets, succeeding in the online business isn’t a one-night job. It calls for a lot of effort tricks, and even money to achieve in the platform. Clickfunnels is one of the few, yet fast-growing online tool that people depend on to succeed online. Over and over again, entrepreneurs have confessed to having made millions of money via this tool.

If you run an online business, you understand how making sales can be a hell of a task, leave alone making profits. Thankfully, with Clickfunnels, the marketing bit is handled, and in a professional manner. Clickfunnels are specifically designed to guide a potential buyer from the point of an advert to the buying bit. As opposed to a website or other marketing tools, Clickfunnels is more focused on sales.

Clickfunnels is an idea by Russell Brunson and was developed in 2014. Currently, this tool is ranked among the top marketing solutions. Clickfunnels can be used to create various types of funnels such as; Auto-webinar funnel, opt-in-funnels, sales funnel, product launch funnel, and capture leads funnels. Unfortunately, to enjoy all these special offers, you will have to part with at least $97 every month.

More often than not, the small businesses, especially, are unable to invest in this powerful tool because they can’t afford the $97 price tag. Still, you can get this software at a much lower price and that’s through discounts. There are various proven ways of accessing Clickfunnels discount.

Some of the techniques are legit, while others are just a scam. When you access the tool through discounts you’re likely to save a massive amount of money while accessing this incredible software.

Before learning about the discount plans, you’ve got to understand that this method of operation is somewhat limiting. In simpler terms, accessing the tool at a discounted rate means that you won’t explore everything that the tool has in store.

For example, discounted plans limit the number of pages that a user should create. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to creating many funnels, the discount trick may not work for you.

Without saying much, here are ways in which you can access the ClickFunnels Discount.

Trick 1: Funnel Builder Secrets Package

The Funnel Builder Secrets (FBS) package is one of the few deals you’re likely to find in the market today. It will cost you between $1997 and $2997. Whenever you purchase this package, you gain access to the traffic secrets membership. Besides, one stands the chance to training on funnel building.

As stated earlier, surviving in the online platforms has proven to be difficult because of the stiff competition. However, with the FBS Training kit, you’re provided with the pro-tips you need to take over the game.

The FBS training helps boost one’s knowledge and skills you may require to raise your competition online. For instance, as a newbie, you’ll learn how to design and use funnels from scratch to the professional levels. Besides, the training kit provides you with a platform you need to learn the latest ways to direct high-quality traffic your way.

Forget about the bonuses you’ll receive after buying the package, the FBS training alone is more than enough to cover the cost. The Funnel Builder Secrets Package can be accessed in various ways, and that is;

$1997 – 6 months of Clickfunnels

If you’re new in the game, you can start with this package. It’s usually the lowest deal in the category and which holds massive offers. On top of the six months of free Enterprise Account to Clickfunnels, you will also gain access to;

  • A free Traffic Secrets membership
  • A Funnel Hack Masterclass
  • One-year Access to funnel scripts
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training

$2997- one year discount

There is also a 12 months discount and which is common among many users. The 12-months package comes loaded with plenty of bounties as well. By paying a fee of $2997, you’ll receive;

  • A one-year Enterprise Account to Clickfunnels
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Unlimited funnel bonus
  • One-year access to funnel scripts
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Upgrade – a one-year deal

If you realize that the $97 and the $2997 deal don’t match your needs, there is an upgraded deal. By parting with $5997, you are guaranteed access to;

  • Eight click start coaching skills
  • One-year Enterprise Account to Clickfunnels
  • Funnel Hack Masterclass
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited funnel bonus
  • One year of access to funnel scripts
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training

Trick 2: Funnel Hacks Package

Next up in our Clickfunnels Discount article, is the funnel hacks package.

More often than not, many users confuse the Funnel Hacks Package for the Funnel Builders Secrets (FBS) packages because the hacks package is included in the latter.

This hacks package is impressive because you access the high-ticket training at a considerable cost. By selecting this package, one is in a position to access the account’s Etison Suite for $167 as opposed to the standard price. The kit comes loaded with;

  • Inception Secrets
  • 6 week Funnel Hack Masterclass
  • 6 months Etison Suite Account to Clickfunnels

Trick 3

When signing up with Clickfunnels, there are two subscription plans. You can select a subscription plan of $97 or $297 per month. Using trick number three ensures that you won’t have to pay the $97 and instead pay $37 as your monthly subscription. To achieve this discount, you will have to follow and apply the following steps;

Sign up for an account with the software. When creating your first Clickfunnels account, you will need to pay $97 every month. However, by following the next step, you won’t have to pay the high amount.

The next step is somewhat confusing as it involves canceling your account. Yes, you will need to cancel the account subscription. You shouldn’t be scared as this is a trick and you’re not canceling the account.

When you’re canceling the account subscription, you will be offered with a $37 deal or one for $9 per month. These offers are a marketing tool to win back customers who are about to unsubscribe. But, you can use this offer to your advantage.

By paying $37 per month, you will be saving a considerable amount of money. This trick is suitable for individuals who want to test the waters at Clickfunnels. The deal provides one with the necessary features you may wish to from the software. Although the agreement limits one to the software’s functionality, there is plenty of things to use.

While we don’t really recommend doing it this way, its worth noting.

Trick four: Shared funnels plan – $19 plan


Last, but not least is the shared funnels plan. It’s a common trick and which has helped many entrepreneurs out there save money while shopping for a powerful marketing tool. To access this deal, you will have to sign up for Clickfunnels through a shared funnel from a friend, for example. After registering, you’ll be given 14-days of a free trial. Once the trial period elapses, you will be charged $19 every month to access the tool.

The $19 is way too less as compared to other offers available in the market. However, the $19 plan has various shortcomings. For example, accessing this discount limits one to three funnels, ones that you received. Besides, the user is allowed only to edit funnels that were shared with them.

As a result, you won’t be in a position to add more pages. The $19 plan is a perfect option for individuals who want to create a simple opt-in page, for example. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to creating numerous sales funnels, you must, therefore, consider other packages on the table.

Clickfunnels Discount Conclusion

So now you know how to get a Clickfunnels Discount.

In the recent past, Clickfunnels has become the talk of the town. The small entrepreneurs, especially, have been unable to access powerful tool because of the cost of the monthly subscriptions.

The smart fellows have gone ahead and searched for ways to access the software’s functionality at a discounted price, which are rare to find.

Luckily, by reading this article, you will learn tricks on how to get an account at Clickfunnels at a much lower price. However, you should have in mind that these tricks rely on the software’s policies.

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