4 Must Have Clickfunnels Integrations (INCREASE SALES AND OPT INS)


ClickFunnels integrations help you get the utmost best out of your activity when working with ClickFunnels.

This can be done through the fact that ClickFunnels is compatible with several software that makes you accomplish some important activity.

Some of the most common integrations include;

Integration with Mindbody

Mindbody exists as a cloud-based software that is used for the management of business activities. They are best used for the development of business in the industry of spas and yoga services. Mindbody has been put to use by close to 30 million users that come from 130 countries.

The integration of Mindbody and ClickFunnels makes the whole activity worth your time. This combination leads to greater control over the management of incoming leads that is noticed in the ClickFunnels account. As a user, you will have the ability to get access to important details and information about the visitors (leads). Such information is important for your funnel activity and they include names of the leads, their email addresses, and their contacts.

The integration of Mindbody and ClickFunnels works a great deal to manage already existing customers and clients to a particular business. You will be able to monitor several important factors that will help you get the best out of your efforts in the funnels you build. For instance, you get a clear knowledge of the stability of the business’s client base. You will be able to get the advantage of your loyal customers and increase the number of sales that you successfully make to them.

It is proven that you are more likely to make a sale successfully to a customer that you have worked with in the past, than a new one. When you integrate ClickFunnels to your efforts in Mindbody, you get a better chance of reaching out to new customers and clients. This integration works to improve your relationship with prospective buyers and push them towards purchasing from you. You will then be able to realize an expansion in your customer base.

Integration with FreshSales

Freshsales exists as a CRM entitled to improve your sales through the use of Artificial Intelligence to get that done. It works through gadgets such as phones, emails, and capturing of activity of visitors to your web pages or blogs. You can take advantage of Freshsales CRM and use both in-built phone and email to get the best lead out there. You are also able to engage in conversation with your visitors and also manage sales through a pipeline well.

Through Freshsales, users can get the attention of the visitors to their websites in an automated manner. This is done considering the activities and the way the visitors interact. You get to access information about customers and also be aware of their touchpoints within a particular website. They will be shown on a dashboard, on the score leads and they may also be updated. Updating will be done on the profile of a particular customer.

When you integrate Freshsales with ClickFunnels, you get the advantage of having an easy way to send leads directly through to a sales CRM. You will also have an easy time when it comes to managing customer databases-this will save you enough time and will also not take too much effort to get the task done. You will be able to realize enhanced efficiency for any of your activities.

Integration With Proofbros

ClickFunnels could be easily integrated with Proofbros to get the best out of your activities in the future. Its ability to generate and direct leads for your benefit just makes this a worthwhile combination.

As such, you can enjoy all the functionalities that come with this integration. The main use of Proofbros is to help in the development of the websites that their users own. It does this by providing seamless customization features that they can work with. All this is included so that you can put all your imaginations into action.

Integration with MailChimp

MailChimp was designed as marketing automation that also works to provide efficiency in using email as a marketing software. It provides you with an efficient way of building a list of emails and also sending out emails to your target audience.

When you integrate ClickFunnels to MailChimp you get an easy way of syncing any of your contacts. This happens when you have to sync contacts from the former with lists of MailChimp. Users have found it useful when they need to assemble leads from ClickFunnels and have them imported in an automated manner to an email list that exists in MailChimp. Another benefit of this integration is also that you get to work with automated marketing as well as effective nurturing features.

This integration makes it simple for you to exchange manual repeated tasks through the use of automated campaigns. All of this increases efficiency by getting the work done within the shortest time possible and without the need of using too much effort. You get enough time to deal with other activities concerning your business.

Other integrations of ClickFunnels include integrations with both ManyChat and Keep. Both of these are included to provide you with the best performance that you can get out of ClickFunnels. You get to enhance efficiency through your activities when you get the quality and optimal design that each of the two software is designed with. The integrations work to provide you with a hassle-free time whenever you want to do something out of the ordinary for the benefit of your online activities.

Clickfunnels Intergrations Roundup

As indicated in this article, integration between ClickFunnels is an important feature that works to provide users with a one-of-a-kind experience.

They can get their work done efficiently thanks to the sort of short-cut that the integrations work to provide them with. For instance, integration with Proofbros makes the whole process of managing leads quite a simple task.

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