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November 18, 2021
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Clickfunnels Review By Michael Pedrotti

The Ultimate ClickFunnels Review: The Best Sales Funnel Building Software In 2021?

ClickFunnels Review 2.0

If you're a small business owner, then you know it's hard to keep up with the latest marketing trends.

You don't have the budget for an agency or a big team of developers, so where do you start?

ClickFunnels is the answer!

It lets anyone create landing pages and sales funnels that are beautiful and highly converting.

Their drag & drop editor makes it easy to design your own website without any coding skills required!

The Ultimate ClickFunnels Review: The Best Sales Funnel Building Software In 2021? 1
Here is exactly why you should sign up for a ClickFunnels free trial right now:


  • Everything is done for you, no technical knowledge required
  • Saves you time and money
  • Funnelflix has plenty of training to make sure you succeed
  • Plenty of built in templates
  • Crazy bonuses you can get below


  • Support can be slow at times

If you were wondering, is ClickFunnels worth it?

The answer is YES.

But don't just take my word for it, Click here to sign up now and get access to all the bonuses ClickFunnels has to offer!

Try ClickFunnels For Free

ClickFunnels is a reliable software that allows you to create landing pages, sales pages and sales funnels all through one easy to use dashboard.

You can literally get started in one evening and have your sales funnel up and running within a few hours.

If you’re a beginner, it still might look complicated at first glance but trust us when we say that after trying out ClickFunnels for a few days, it will be easy for you to learn the ropes of this tool.

ClickFunnels also has lots of training courses that are included when you sign up that we will touch over later in this Clickfunnels Review.

If you’re still not convinced, then read on our review to see if ClickFunnels is the right choice for you.

In this Clickfunnels Review, I'm going to show you:

  • My experience with Clickfunnels
  • Why you MUST have a landing page
  • Where to get exclusive Clickfunnels templates I've designed
  • The 1 reason why Clickfunnels destroys almost any other software (that no one is talking about)

Even if you are on the fence, I'm going to tell you right now, It's at least worth getting a free trial here to experience ClickFunnels first hand.

You can even create a few pages with my exclusive templates and see if its right for you.

Clickfunnels is super easy and fast to learn, has lots of user support, and tons of included training.

Did you sign up and test it out? Let me know in the comments below. I want to know your personal experience too (Even if you get stuck, I want to help)


Are you still not convinced?

Let's dive deeper into why I use Clickfunnels over other sales funnel software.

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What Is ClickFunnels?

What Is ClickFunnels New

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are stuck with having to figure out how they can sell their idea online.

ClickFunnels is a software that will help you create high-impact, conversion focused sales pages for your product or service without the need of web design skills.

Just from clicking on one button, it allows users to build beautiful websites in no time at all! NO CODING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!

  • ClickFunnels is the best tool for creating high performing, conversion-focused sales pages
  • With just one click you can build a high quality website that converts
  • You will save hours and hours of time by using this software to create your own designs
  • ClickFunnels is affordable and easy to use so you don’t have to be an expert to succeed
sales funnel templates download michael pedrotti (1)

It allows your to create beautiful websites like this fast and easily.

Did you ever have a really great idea but just didn’t know how to get it out there? Well that’s the problem that ClickFunnels solves.

My Personal Experience With ClickFunnels

I was a “late bloomer” when it came to the world of sales funnels.

Before that, all I was really using to sell was call to action buttons in my blog posts.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew about sales pages but I didn’t really understand the formula behind them and why you would use them over a standard checkout system.

Come late 2018, I start to see a bunch of advertisements for Clickfunnels filling up my facebook feed.

So, running an SEO agency I decided to check it out for myself.

Previously I had used Profit Builder but it had become cumbersome and outdated too.

For those who don't know, Profit Builder is a WordPress plugin. It was one of the many marketing tools I used to use on WordPress.

And if you have ever used unmanaged WordPress for anything other than blogging, its a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!

michael pedrotti marketing

Me literally wasting my time on sub par sales page software and WordPress.

Using my standard blog was a NIGHTMARE. Though I am fortunate I have lots of technical knowledge, No normal, sane person would be able to have it running reliably or efficiently in a small time frame.

Sure you may save a few dollars here and there, but it’s not really worth the time messing around in the end.

Wordpress Nightmate

I mean COME ON. Just look at that screenshot above

  • 6 plugins need updating
  • The membership plugin has lost its credentials
  • The web server needs the PHP version updated
  • 4 site health issues (whatever they may be)

This is litereally a never ending battle.

Do you really want to "save" $50 per month simply to spend hours and hours of your time worrying about updates and if your site is going to be alive tomorrow?


You should be focusing on your business and making sales, not updating websites!

When I started using ClickFunnels, it was a breath of fresh air.

Create an account and start making your page. That's it!

I created a few opt-in pages and was quite happy with how quickly I could get things up and running compared to dealing with all the back end headaces of WordPress.

Clickfunnels template

One of the templates I designed in Clickfunnels, Included in our template pack

As you can see above, you can create BEAUTIFUL looking sites with Clickfunnels. (The above page is included in my FREE template pack)

Fast forward less than 12 months later, and I’m a big advocate of Clickfunnels, sales funnels in general and have also become a Clickfunnels Dreamcar winner!

I truly believe that every business should have a funnel or some form of opt-in page, and I really do believe for most people, Clickfunnels is the way to do it!

Why You Should Try The ClickFunnels Free Trial

There is no better way to see if a software is right for you unless you TRY IT!

Unlike most other funnel builders out there, ClickFunnels offers a 14 day free trial.

why you should try clickfunnels

Also, most people don't know you get full access to Funnel Flix during the trial period too.

If you didn't know, Funnel Flix is one of the BEST and BIGGEST Marketing, Sales, Funnel Strategy, Business Building, and Personal Development Training's on the Planet!

Here is just a small sample of what you can get access to when you get a ClickFunnels free trial:

  • 14-Day Trial To CLICKFUNNELS (Priceless!!!)
  • Product Secrets ($97 Value)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets ($1,997 Value)
  • Ad Skills Course ($498 Value)
  • Tony Robbins Private Collection ($997 Value)
  • 100+ Funnel Templates ($1,997 Value)
  • Funnel Hacker Forum (Priceless!)
  • FREE Book Funnels Templates
  • FREE Webinar Funnels Templates
  • FREE Product Launch Funnels Templates
  • FREE High Ticket Funnels Templates

Clickfunnels offers all this just by simply clicking the button below and signing up!

What Is The ClickFunnels Dream Car?

I’ve got a pretty simple question for you:

What is your dream car?

Not your first car. Not your favorite car. Your dream car—the one you wish you could afford.

The one that’s always seemed so far out of reach. The one that you see an ad for and die a little bit inside because you know it will never be yours.

Is it a Lamborghini? Is it a Corvette? A Rolls Royce?

Maybe your credit is in the pits. Maybe your bills are too high. Maybe you’ve got a family to feed and always put their needs before your wants.

Whatever the reason, up until now, that dream car has always felt like a distant fantasy.

But what if...

What if I told you that there was a way for you to have your dream car without spending a cent of your own money?

It sounds ridiculous, I know, but hear me out.

There are businesses out there that are dying to give you money, and one of them is ready and willing to pay for your dream car. And all you have to do is spread the word about their business.

Everyone knows that word of mouth advertising is the ideal form of promotion. Think about it. You probably trust your best friend’s recommendation for a plumber over some random Yelp review. Right?

All this business wants you to do is help spread the word, and they’ll send you up to $1,000 per month towards your car payment.

They make money, you make money. It’s a win-win relationship we call affiliate marketing.

P.S: If you really can’t wait, click here to learn more immediately.

Did you click that link?

I bet you did.

It’s okay, I won’t judge. Who wouldn’t want to know everything they could about winning the car of their dreams?

If you’ve got the willpower of the guards at Buckingham Palace and somehow managed to not check it out already, here’s the lowdown on how to win your dream car:

  • Promote a product called ClickFunnels to everyone you know
  • Get people to sign up
  • The more people that sign up, the more car ClickFunnels will pay for
  • Earn up to $1,000 per month towards your luxury car payment

All you have to do is get 100 people to buy ClickFunnels, and that dream car is yours.

I know what your thinking…

How do I get 100 people to sign up for a product that not many of my friends would use?

clickfunnels dream car

It’s all a numbers game. Statisticians call it the law of averages. Here’s an example of how it works:

The average person has 383 friends on Facebook. But let’s round down to 300 for a conservative estimate.

Imagine you share your ClickFunnels promotion to all 300 of your friends, and three of them (that’s just 1%) are actually interested and sign up.

You never know who among your friends list is a budding entrepreneur, a secret internet marketer, or otherwise has a great idea they need to sell. With one Facebook post, you just stepped three sales closer to your dream car.

Now, imagine that just one of those three people shares your post to their friends, banking you another three sales. And one of those sales shares that post. And so on and so on.

Starting to see why getting 100 sales isn’t as hard as it sounds?

And your Facebook friends list is just one way to promote ClickFunnels. You’ve also got…

  • Private groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Craigslist
  • Blogs

And the list goes on…

All it takes is a little dedication and a few minutes of your time every day. If you spent just ten minutes a day sharing your ClickFunnels promotion online, how many people do you think you could reach in two months?

Probably about 10,000. And if just 1% of them took up your offer, you’d have the car of your dreams without spending a single cent of your own money.

Is it worth ten minutes of your time per day to make your dream come true?

I thought so.

ClickFunnels Features

Like any curious entrepreneur, the first thing to ask should be what is ClickFunnels? In a layman’s language, ClickFunnels is an all-in-one sales and marketing tool designed to help entrepreneurs dominate the internet. It’s is a sales software developed by Russell Brunson and his team in 2014

The significant difference between this software and a website is that it brings all the marketing and sales tools into one platform. Another fantastic thing about ClickFunnels is that it doesn’t ask for any design or coding skills.

All you need is an entrepreneurial mentality, and you’re set to conquer the online business.

This all-in-one funnel comes packed with additional bells and whistles. For instance, you can use the funnel to build landing pages, squeeze pages, webinars, and membership websites. Remember, all these tasks don’t ask for any coding knowledge.

Now and then, this funnels has been ranked among the most efficient funnels software available in the market today.

Now let's dive into some of the features that make Clickfunnels stand out from other marketing tools.

Over 100+ Sales Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels Review 2.0

Sales and purchase funnels are vital when it comes to operating the business online. Unfortunately, many people are yet to understand what a sales funnel is, leave alone designing part.

As the name suggests, a sales funnel is step-by-step guide formulated, and that helps a seller bring a potential customer one step closer to the offer. The process incorporates various marketing actions such as landing pages, articles, videos, and emails, which do the selling for you.

By now you know what a sales funnel is, the remaining part is coming up with one. Coming up with successful sales funnel can be a hell of a task, especially if you’ve got no coding skills. Thankfully, Russell and his team have got you covered. Russell has over 22 types of sales funnels incorporated into his software.

After joining ClickFunnels, you have got the opportunity to choose your funnel from three main categories which include; events funnel, lead page funnels, and sales page funnels. However, Russell and his team have other types of funnels such as the membership funnel also included in the others category.

Among the funnels provided on this software, you can either choose to work with the free templates or paid templates. Availability of these templates ensures that you stand out from the rest in the crowd, and as a professional.

Creating a sales funnel using the software is quite easy; you first need to select a funnel followed by a template. After choosing the model, you will go ahead and customize the funnel to match your business and taste.

Once the funnel s ready, you will be required to add your products, email, and billing options. Once everything is included, you set a domain name for your new funnel before saving. In no time, your sale funnel will be live, and you can start directing visitors its way.

Well, you may be good at coding and other stuff, but deficient in designs. Well, this is a problem shared among many web developers. The situation even worsens when your client has no idea about layouts. Thankfully, ClickFunnels is there to handle all the troubles related to the templates.

The platform has various store models to choose from. All that is needed of you is to select the funnel you wish to create and then the template from the many choices provided. The templates are usually professionally designed and save one a lot of time that could have been wasted coming up with a design.

Drag And Drop Editor

If you thought that availing funnel templates was enough, then you’re yet to experience the drag and drop editor available in this software. This feature makes it possible to play around with the provided template and make it yours.

You can select a text or element within the model and move it anywhere you want. As compared to other editors, everything in the software is organized logically.

Therefore, there is no need for a pro to walk you through the customization bit. All you need is a working mouse, and you’re set to go.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Today, ClickFunnels is ranked top among the platforms that have the best affiliate programs. Imagine earning a whopping 40 percent recurring commission on every successful referral or promoting a product. Sounds like a good deal for anyone looking for an extra income.

You can as well earn a five percent commission for referring people into their affiliate program. Besides, you stand the chance of winning $500 once you bring along over 100 active members. The fact that all these offers are legit makes the platform worth investing.

Good Customer Support

Communication is vital. Imagine having to wait for days or even months before getting a reply from one of your favorite software. Such cases are shared among various platforms, but not Brunson’s software. Brunson and his team try their level best to ensure that you get your response in the soonest time possible.

At times, working along the software can be hectic. But, the software’s support team is there to ensure that you don’t get stuck halfway down the road. The platform uses Intercom, and that means that you can receive instant feedback on their live-chat boxes.

Free Domain Name

One fantastic thing about using ClickFunnels is that you don’t need a domain name to go live. The software provides one for you, free of charge. However, it’s highly recommended to have your domain name as it ensures that you stand out as a serious entrepreneur. However, if you want to try out the software, and don’t have a domain name, Brunson and his team will provide one.

Quick Customization

As stated earlier, a landing page is vital when it comes to creating a successful sales funnel. Unfortunately, creating that landing page may be hectic because it asks for coding skills and time. When it comes to using ClickFunnels, coming up with a working sales funnel is straightforward. The software offers and easy drag and drop customization process. Therefore, you won’t require any coding skills to create the page.

It’s Secure

Like any other tool, the internet has both its good and bad side. One bad thing about this tool is that it has seen many people lose money and reputation among many other risks.

Recently, cases of cyber-attacks are common, and that’s why websites are spending days and night to ensure the security of their websites. Using ClickFunnels guarantees safety because the sites come with an SSL certification.

Therefore, you can be sure that you and your visitors will be 100% secure to carry on with the usual duties.

Has Built In Split Testing

Funnels are designed to achieve a specific goal. It’s for this reason that you may find yourself stuck with various versions of your funnel.

Deciding which version of your page is likely to win sales can be confusing. Thankfully, ClickFunnels has a feature that enables a user to analyze the various versions in mind and test for performance.

The tool allows for one to come up with a funnel that will perform as per the expectations instead of trial and errors.

Allows Webinars

One significant benefit of using ClickFunnels is that it enables one to host automated webinars. Webinars are vital, especially for businesses that are looking forward to an incredible growth.

With ClickFunnels, you can easily host a webinar and let people know more about you. You can host the webinars right from your website.

Connects With Email Software

According to successful business persons, the secret to a complete and effective campaign is communication. There is nothing that feels annoying than coming across an ad on

Facebook, only to realize that that there is no one to respond to you about the ad. Failure to answer is what sees potential customers lose interest in the seller.

ClickFunnels comes packed with auto-responder feature and which ensures that your customers are never kept waiting. The software supports almost every known auto-responder.

Integrates Various Payment Options

A successful sales and marketing funnel is one that has a billing method included. The availability of payment options makes it easy for a seller to sell their services and products.

Using ClickFunnels ensures this is accomplished and that’s by providing various payment options. Here at ClickFunnels, you can integrate almost every payment method, thus ensuring a smooth transaction.

Pricing and Plans for Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels has two different pricing plans and they are $97 per month or $297 per month ClickFunnels Platinum. You can also get a 14 day free trial for ClickFunnels before you buy to see if its right for you.

Here are the main differences between the two plans.

ClickFunnels Standard: $97

The base plan of ClickFunnels is their standard plan.

If you have never made a sales funnel before, then this is the plan I recommend you get.

Here are the main features the ClickFunnels Standard plan includes:

  • 20 Different sales funnels
  • 100 Pages across all your funnels
  • 20,000 Visitors (Per Month) in total
  • 1 Sub User
  • 3 Custom Domains

ClickFunnels Platinum: $297

This is ClickFunnels premium plan. This is designed for people who drive lots of traffic to their business, need multiple logins, want ClickFunnels to handle their emails and who need to run an affiliate program.

The ClickFunnels Platinum plan includes:

  • Easy 1 Click Setup
  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Email integration
  • Backpack (ClickFunnels affiliate program)

I’ll do my best to review the true pros and pains I have encountered so that you can decide if it’s right for you. If you’re a tactile learner like me, and would rather “do” versus “read” my review, then I’d recommend getting your hands dirty, you can get instant access with a free trial here.

By the way, I personally designed 10+ beautiful ClickFunnels templates to help you get started.

Simply click here and join my free Discord to get access!

Not a tactile learner? Keep on reading to see if this is right for you.

What Is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is a powerful marketing tool that has been changing the way most businesses today promote their products and services. ClickFunnels' history starts in 2014 when it was created by internet marketer, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of DotCom Secrets Russell Brunson.

ClickFunnels was created as an alternative to costly online advertising for small businesses looking to expand into new markets without breaking the bank. Its intuitive design makes building your own website or landing page easy enough that even those with zero technical skills can do so successfully!

Clickfunnels is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a sales funnel without any coding or design experience. This means that you can make money by selling your product on social media and then when someone clicks through, they're automatically brought into an online store where their purchase will be complete in just one click!

Clickfunnels provides users with simple drag-and-drop tools so that they don't have to worry about building complex websites themselves from scratch.
Instead of needing expensive graphic designers, all you need are some basic text editing skills - which most people know if they use Facebook regularly!

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a series of steps that will guide your customer through a sale, just like you would in real life. When someone buys off you in real life, you have the ability to up sell them on other items and then sell again after getting their contact information.

A variety of products are using this concept today including things as simple as an eBook or digital timer app for desktop computers to weight loss supplements or even sneakers from Nike!

Why Use A Sales Funnel?

If you are looking for a way to market your products or services online, you’ll quickly realize the value of a sales funnel. A sales funnel helps you drive targeted traffic to a series of landing pages to achieve a desired action. The action may be a sale, downloading software or building an email marketing list.

The process of building a sales funnel can be long and complex, which is why you need a platform such as ClickFunnels.

Top Features Of Clickfunnels 2.0

ClickFunnels Review 2.0

While there are literally hundreds of great features in Clickfunnels, lets take a look at some of the top features and what separates it from other sales funnel softwares on the market today.

Funnel Template Blue Prints

ClickFunnels has 22 types of professional sales funnel templates that can be used successfully for any business entity. The Funnels are classified into four categories:

  • Lead capture funnels
  • Sales page funnels
  • Event funnels
  • Membership funnels

Each funnel type has its own free templates and paid templates that you can choose from. Even if you have no web design skills, you can still have a funnel page professionally designed and ready to go within a matter of hours.

Landing pages or opt in pages are usually created to route back to site or create an email list. A series of landing pages can be used to create effective sales funnels.

ClickFunnels is just more than a landing page builder. The platform allows you to select from pre-built funnels for specific types of services or products, such as eBook sales funnels.

You can easily edit the funnels as you want, but you don't have to waste time creating and linking a series of landing pages, it’s already done for you. There are over 40 Clickfunnels templates you can choose from and up to 9 drag and drop funnels.

Great Visual Drag and Drop Editor

The ClickFunnels editor helps you to make each page in a funnel to look exactly how you want. Pages in ClickFunnels are set using sections that have number of rows and columns. What this means is you can easily drag and drop what you want. Super simple to use.

You can specify using the ClickFunnels editor, which is easy to use, to either start a page from scratch, or use an existing template. When you use a template, you can also select components on that page and move them where they want them to be. This means you save time simply editing an existing sales funnel.

Huge Selection of Page Elements

ClickFunnels provide elements that are essential for giving flexibility to design the exact page you want. Some of the basic elements provided by ClickFunnels include button, input forms, and headline and video widgets. These are what the user will see on the front end of your sales funnel.

ClickFunnels also provides other advanced elements such as surveys, progress bar, pricing tables and progress bars. These are used to push a customer to sign up or put in an email address.

Nearly all elements in ClickFunnels can be customized and users can change common properties like background color, fonts and margins. Some elements have specific characteristics like the image URL for the image element.

This means that your website will not have a look and feel like another persons website. There will always be some variation.

Sharing Your Funnels with Your Friends and Clients

This is one of the great things you can do with Clickfunnels. It makes it super easy to share the funnel you have created with someone. Be it if you were making a website for a friend, family member or a client, They can simply click the link and start using what you have made them straight away. No needs to transfer files, upload with FTP, worry about logins etc. It all happens within the Clickfunnels platform itself.

The Share Funnel URL is situated inside the setting tab of any of your funnels. When users visit the URL, they can easily add the funnel to their accounts if they’re already members. If they’re not members, they can register. The share URL also acts as an affiliate link. That means you can get a bonus recurring commission if a new user end up staying.

BONUS TIP: You can also become a Clickfunnel consultant and create sales funnels that you can sell to small enterprises and in the ClickFunnels marketplace. Plus, you can get readers into your own funnel by providing something valuable that they can use themselves.

Tutorial and Clickfunnels Onboarding Process

ClickFunnels provide many tutorials that help you familiarize with their service. Once you sign up, you are introduced to a 7-day challenge onboarding process to the learning curve isn't too hard. This process involves four different games, each game having steps to complete.

Each step involves a task and a short video clip where Russell’s Brunson is explains what to do to finish the process. Even though the whole process is optional, once you complete all the steps you can win yourself a prize from ClickFunnels.

More Features Of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Review 2.0

Share Funnels

The ClickFunnels allows you to share your funnels quickly with your prospective customers and associates. You can easily find the URL to share the funnel under the “Settings” tab.


Actionetics is automation software that tracks the statistics of your leads when they visit your sales funnel. It allows you to easily understand the needs of with your target audience, allowing you to better tailor and market your products using your sales funnels. This is your key to marketing automation.

Knapsack Tool

The ClickFunnels Knapsack tool allows you to create affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is exceptionally popular and quite a success, especially in the current age of social media presence and influencers.

Webinar Funnels

These assist your target audience to register for webinars, which have increased in popularity. The webinar funnel also acts as a valuable source of information and potential future service.

Integrated Shopping Cart

The integrated shopping cart makes it easy for you to track purchasing habits on website with ecommerce. Other similar suite tools require additional programs, but ClickFunnels incorporates it in their tools suites.

Page Aspects

When it comes to setting up landing pages, the ClickFunnels page components makes your work simpler. You can easily add info-graphics, videos, rates, social networks signup, text, button and much more.

Funnel Design Templates

With the ClickFunnels, you can choose from a large variety of funnel templates, including Squeeze Page, Subscription, Sales, Events, Lead Capture among others depending on the needs of your marketing campaign.

Payment Processing

ClickFunnels allows you to use a combination of PayPal and Stripe. This allows you to accept payment for your products, services and even membership sites at the end of your marketing funnel. The platform also has functions that make it easy for you to manage your affiliates .

How To Setup Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is an online platform that allows you to create better landing pages for less time and cost. It makes the marketing process easier by providing many different pre-designed funnels that cater to a wide range of products and services. A typical funnel has more than one opt-in pages, an email auto responder and multiple order forms, sales pages, additional content, member’s area and many more.

In the past, you were required to have a hosting, a website, landing page software, an auto responder service, membership site software, split testing software and host of programmers and designers to cobble the entire lot together.

ClickFunnels allows you to do all this in a single platform.  It allows you to create all your sales pages, opt in pages, online training courses, membership areas, email sequences and link them together to create your  funnel. It is an all in one, easy to use tool, which makes it ideal for beginners.

Getting Started With ClickFunnels

To access the ClickFunnels Dashboard, you need to sign up. ClickFunnels has a free 14 Day trial that lets you explore and the test the product yourself to determine if it’s suitable for you.  The sign up process for the free trial is easy. All you have to do is enter your credit card details when you register for the trial. Note that your card will not be charged until the trial period is over. You can cancel the subscription any time.

Once you log in to your ClickFunnels account, you will find:

  • ClickFunnels Game: It teaches you how to create your first funnel.
  • The Dashboard: It allows you to view your page views, opt-ins and sales for your funnels.
  • Live contact activity: It allows you to view real activities of your contacts across all funnels.
  • Favorite Funnel: This module displays quick links of your favorite funnels.

ClickFunnels Menu

This menu allows you to build new funnels, access the marketplace, view sales, view contact as well as browse your chosen funnels.

Account Profile Menu

This drop down menu allows you to view all your account information, custom domains, integrations, ClickFunnels Affiliate area and much more.

Help Menu

It is a drop down menu that enables you to access the ClickFunnels contact support and knowledge base. It contains answers to common questions you may be having about the software.

The Backpack Menu

This menu allows you to build an affiliate program, manage affiliates, and manage affiliate commissions as well as payments.

The Actionetics Menu

It is a drop down menu the enables you to view your contacts, create action funnels, create broadcast emails as well as create email lists.

How to Set Up Your First ClickFunnels Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is the process of moving traffic from interested to investing your products and service. A sales funnel has four stages, which include:


Awareness entails using traffic to get the target audience to know you have what they’re looking for.


Interest is all about making your target audience develop the need of finding out more about your products or service. You can ask your target audience to enter their email address so you can send them: free webinars, eBooks etc.


This entails helping your prospects make positive decisions about your funnel.


In this final stage, money is exchange for the value, info, products or services you are recommending.

So, let’s now talk about setting up your first sales funnels.

6 Crucial Steps To Follow When Setting up Your First Sales Funnel

Step 1: Build Your Funnels

Sign in to your ClickFunnels account. Go to the ClickFunnels drop down menu. Choose Create Funnel, and then select Sales Funnel on the left.  Click on the Green button Create Funnel.

Step 2: Name Your Funnel

To successfully create a funnel, you must give a name for references. It also recommendable that you add group tags. Group tags help to keep your funnels well organized.

Step 3: Select Your Preferred Templates

Once you are done creating your first sales funnel, you need to go through all the steps of the funnel and choose the template you want for all the pages. Note that you can change the selected template anytime. However, you will lose any edits that you’ve made.

Step 4: Use the Editor to Change the Appearance and Content of All Your Templates

Once you’ve chosen your templates, open each page in the editor to change the content to fit your sales and message process. It is essential to note some pages, such as Order Confirmation and Order Form pages are templates that dynamically add contents for certain page depending on the products you add in the next steps.

Step 5: Go to Your Order Form Page and Start Adding Your Products

Once you’re done setting up your content, click the Order Form page on the left in the Funnel View. On the Product/ Sales tab, click on Add Product. Next, name your product, set price and choose your billing integration.

For subscription based products, you need to log into your Stripe account and set up the subscription. For One Time Payments, you can create the product directly inside your ClickFunnels.

Step 6: Write a Fulfillment Email

An order fulfillment email is sent to customers immediately after the buy your products.  Ensure you do not delete the “Merge Tag” as it automatically creates a link to your product in the Thank You page.

Developing More Sophisticated Funnels

With ClickFunnels, you can create any type of funnel you possibly think of. Here are some other types of funnels you can create with the software:

  • Membership sites funnels: These allow you to create membership sites within the platform so you can generate a recurring income.
  • Online courses funnels: You can use them to host and sell online courses.
  • Webinar funnels: You can use them to promote and get registrations for your webinars.
  • Lead capture funnels: These are used to grow your mailing list.

ClickFunnels is very easy to use. The entire platform is well organized and is user friendly. You do not need any coding skills to create your first landing page. All you have to do is to drag different elements onto the page and change the appearance and wording to match your needs.

How To Use Clickfunnels

Straight off the bat you’re going to need a product or service that you are able to offer. Whether that is through a,

Service - The term, ‘Would you like fries with that’ would be the only analogy needed to describe how a sales funnels would help sell a service,

Physical Product - A perfect example of this would be for those small business’ who want to self promote a book in areas such as cooking or self help,

Online software/ affiliate program - If your selling your own online product or someone elses a good sales page is what you need to provide others with all the appropriate information.

Once you have a rough idea to who and how you would like to sell one of the above options then it’s time to understand how much money and time it takes to achieve the feat of building a sales funnel. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your sales funnel, it’s always a good idea to ensure you have a well thought out sales ladder.

A sales ladder might seem difficult to create where you initially offer a low cost option that slowly becomes more expensive but the best way to think of it would be to look back at those late night infomercials you have seen on TV.

The idea of “But wait there’s more” and “Call now and you’ll receive” is the basic principle you will be working off. The Fear of missing out (FOMO) is something sales funnels takes full advantage of.

ClickFunnels Pricing - How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost?

ClickFunnels has two pricing models depending in the features of each plan. The first plan is the basic plan that costs $97 and other is the Full Etison Suite costing around $297.

Lets look at the first pricing plan.

Standard ClickFunnels Plan - $97

This plan is great you're just starting out starting at only $97 USD per month. This plan has a limit of 20 funnels, 100 total pages, 20,000 visitors per month and 3 custom domains. This is generally fine for most people. Something worth mentioning is you can actually send more than 20,000 people total to the pages. We have never had an issue with sending more than that before!

ClickFunnels Platinum (Previously Etison Suite) - $297

You get everything mentioned above but unlimited. The primary difference between the standard plan and the ClickFunnels Platinum suite is the number of Sales funnels, Actionetics (email autoresponder), Backpack (affiliate program) and Landing pages allocated each month. Pricing for this Etison plan is $297.

As of September 2019, you also get access to Funnelflix with BOTH shared and Platinum plans.

Share Funnel Plan - $19

edit: as of September 2019, the share funnel plan is no longer available.

This is where most newbies trip up and get excited, however don't get too excited just yet. This is the Clickfunnels share funnel plan. What this means is someone has created a funnnel and they have decided to share it with you. While this sounds great in theory, you can only edit the funnel they give you. It is an extremely limited plan. 

We don't suggest you sign up to this plan unless you know EXACTLY what you are getting and you are sure the steps are going to work for you.

What Is ClickFunnels Platinum?

So what is the Click Funnels Platinum member?

You know, there's two different tiers inside of click phones right now you can pay if you pay $97 a month they get access to ClickFunnels, and we have a tier $297 (Etison) which gives you access to a whole bunch more things. You get unlimited funnels on your account, you get user accounts, you get a whole bunch of amazing things on the Click Funnels side and Russell thought

How about this. anybody who's a who's a ClickFunnels Platinum members, What if we get an access to almost all these trainings down below for free?

Now what's interesting is you look down below, you'll see a whole bunch of different training courses down below courses that Russel sold in the past for anywhere from $500 to $1,000. You'll see live events idea that people pay $10,000 to be in the room they're down below especially trainings that only happened for inner circle members of a $25,000 to $50,000 or more in this members area as well.

So inside of funnelflix, you're literally getting access to things that other people have had to pay 10’s of thousands of dollars for you get for free when you Click Funnels Platinum member there's a whole bunch of other amazing things as well so I don't have time to go into all of it.

All we do now is go click on the videos down below go watch some of the trailers for the courses and know as you're watching them think about like what's the course that you're looking for? What's the missing piece in your business?

Clickfunnels promise you that every business question you have is answered inside of funnelflix. Okay if you're stuck like "I can't get motivated How do I how do I get more motivation so I can actually succeed I can guarantee you inside Tony Robbins course he's going to teach you exactly how to get the motivation that mindset you need to be successful.

There's multiple different trainings on funnel building inside of there, maybe have a funnel but it's not converting Okay, go through the training, teaching how to sell how to speak how to do videos. Those things help you there if you need if you have funnels that work, we can't get traffic go through other traffic trainings, healers courses in there that will help you to get your business to the next level and we're always adding new stuff in there as well.

But the only way you access to all this stuff you can't pay for it. Like if you gave me money right now I wouldn't even take it. There's most of these courses not for sale anywhere unless we license them from somebody else. If you want to access all of them for free, all you gotta do is upgrade to our Click Funnels Platinum level right now not only their training courses also documentaries help inspire you get you excited about your role as an entrepreneur.

There's again courses on everything you do every question you have in your businesses answered here inside of funnel flix. All you gotta do is take that leap of faith and one last thing I have to say is, you know, maybe you're looking at this like we're also I don't need that course of that course.

That's okay too. There's probably someone in your team who does maybe there's someone your team, he wants to learn how to drive traffic, but then log into your Click Funnels account, come into the funnel flicks and watch the training on traffic.

Maybe you have a copywriter who's trying to learn how to write better copy send them to the copywriting training, KU access to all these things inside your Click Funnels account right now when you go to upgrade now and upgrade your account

We will update our Clickfunnels Review once we get more information.

What Is Funnelflix?

So what is funnel flix? This is a new feature added to Click Funnels that can help change your business.

So let me explain exactly what it is. In the past, Russel Brunson and the team found that the people who have the most success are not people who just signed for an account start using it, but it is people who signed for the account, but they understand the strategy, understand funnel building, understand, well the basics like what does a funnel look like?

What is the funnel cake for my specific business? What are the videos and the copy and you put on the pages and how to actually drive traffic? And then how do I get out of my own head so we wont get stuck with the mind games that happened as an entrepreneur.

And so what they found is people had the most successful, the ones who are going and looking for, for more answers. They were going to coaching programs or buying courses and all sorts of things. And those that people had the most success and Russell thought, “Man, there's so many of our members who would have success, they don't have access to all these other resources.” And so a little while ago, the team sat down said what if we could brainstorm a way to get access to all these amazing training and programs and courses and give them to our Click Funnels members for free.

In fact, some of the people you'll see their courses down below people like Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham and other people. Clickfunnels wants to license these courses from you and those things obviously aren't cheap when it's the products and services they sell every single day on their websites and so we sat back and we figured out a way to do it and if you look down below you'll see access that you'll see the courses you'll get immediate access to as soon as you become a Click Funnels Platinum member.  

Is There A Clickfunnels Bonus Or Coupon?

What if I told you a way that you could save $47 per month from the Etison suite? I'm sure that's something you would be interested in. Well its quite simple, all you need to do is to purchase Funnel Builder Secrets for 12 months. While there is a big price to pay upfront, this is actually the best deal for Clickfunnels that you can get right now!

It's worth mentioning that there is 6 months of FBS, however you will actually pay MORE for Clickfunnels and not less. The best deal is the 12 month option. Never pay full price for a sales funnel builder again!

Clickfunnels FAQ

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Clickfunnels software.

Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

The initial question to this would be finding out if ClickFunnels is safe and we can say that without a shadow of a doubt that with all it’s users, reviews, popularity and support that it is safe. Otherwise after being out for 5 years you would see some dramatically different results.

However with this in mind, the next logical step would be asking if Clickfunnels is a pyramid scheme? Well first of all let's define what a pyramid scheme is to clarity how Clickfunnels fits in to all of this. Generally with a pyramid scheme or MLM, the money the company makes comes from recruiting new member and the profits essentially come from those new members that sign up. These are very much so illegal in nearly all parts of the world and work off the idea that you will earn more money for each person you involve within the scheme.

A second issue you might have is finding out if Clickfunnels is a Ponzi scheme, that being where the only way you can make money would be from involving new members and them contributing money.

I can tell you that neither of these are even close to what Clickfunnels is and offers. The only reason these questions crop up is due to their popular affiliate program where they split an amount of the sale with the person who got them the sale. How this differs from a pyramid scheme is the money comes from outside users of the platform, NOT the affiliates. There are also talks of removing the tier 2 commission from their affiliate program to distance themselves from ever being called an MLM.

Is Clickfunnels Legit?

When you come up with a good idea and you’re looking at how to sell and market yourself online you might find yourself looking for a quality website that offers all rounded options and features. You know you will start to invest much of your time and money so it’s important to stick with a provider that can offer quality chat support and not risk losing anything due to mismanagement.

Finding out what is legitimate vs what is a scam on the internet can be difficult and we wouldn't blame you for having doubts. As such we know one review on Clickfunnels mightn’t change your mind so we encourage you to look at the statistics.

It’s a business with over 80,000 members and 2.5 million search results attached to its name, it also have well over 200,000 likes on their official Facebook page with a very active community.

Why Is Clickfunnels So Expensive?

One thing we get asked for our review is why Clickfunnels pricing is so much? As mentioned before Clickfunnels is a large company with over 100 employees and much of its work outsourced as it’s an all online company. When you pay them your money is not only used to pay these employees in areas such as support, research & development and design but also the physical cost to host your website and pay for things such as SSL security.

All of these things do add up which is why the product can remain reasonably cheap with its fixed overheads as their user/ memberships increase.

It’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed by the work involved and the cost of everything especially when first starting out and looking into starting your own website. Depending on your needs and what you’re offering will determine if Clickfunnels or a standard website is right for you.

So now it just comes down to cost. While a traditional website that runs off say WordPress can claim their CMS (Content Management System) is ‘Free’, you still need to pay for your domain name, server hosting, SSL certificate, DDOS protection, quality themes and any additional features you may want to purchase. So for the first year you would be looking at $250 - $700 worth of costs just to get it started.

While yes this is cheaper than Clickfunnels (at $97 Per month) beginner package, it is missing a lot of the piece of mind extras. It is for this reason that the claim of Clickfunnels being ‘so expensive’ comes from a place of false leads.

Why Is Clickfunnels So Popular?

There are 2 main reasons why Clickfunnels has taken over the online funnels market

Reason 1: Taken by storm

Without a doubt the most balls hit out of the park were done by Clickfunnels. It offers such a wide variety of options and flexibility to its users that it has market share by popularity alone. It is for this reason a knock on effect has taken place and now manages to market itself just by being there. It has very competitive pricing, started early on to create a good foothold and filled a gap in the online marketing industry.

Reason 2: Affiliate marketing

Risk versus reward comes into play here as with the business model of Clickfunnels needs to determine if it's cheaper to pay for marketing or let others market for you and pay a percentage of the sales as affiliate commission. And this is where they have managed to become so popular, where many online affiliate programs pay 1-5% of the sale to a marketer, Clickfunnels offers a massive 40% commission! With this in place it has created a very competitive market for marketers to sell the product and create the best, reliable and up to date reviews to capture the attention of potential customers.

Is Clickfunnels A CRM?

What is a CRM? A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system. Generally a CRM will have have all the details of your customer on file, how much each customer spends with your business, KPI's etc.

Treating each customer as an individual is what a Customer Relationship Management System CRM is best for. Clickfunnels is mostly focused on front email sales.

In this case while it might seem like that its a Clickfunnels CRM, It's not going to replace your entire business system. Clickfunnels does have integrations to merge into your CRM of choice however.

It doesn't matter who you choose as a sales funnel builder, most of the time you're going to Integrate to a 3rd party platform for this. It shouldn't be a purchasing decision when selecting the best sales funnel software.

Can I Use My Own Email Autoresponder?

Maybe you already have an existing email list, automations etc and you don't want to use Actionetics, Can you use your own email responder with Clickfunnels. The answer is yes. Clickfunnels supports lots of 3rd Party Integrations with most of the major autoresponder software.

List Of Autoresponder Integrations For Clickfunnels

Here is a list of 3rd Party Email Auto responders directly compatible with Clickfunnels API.

My Email Service Is Not Listed, Can I Use SMTP?

YES. Clickfunnels allows you to integrate with an SMTP service to send your emails using platforms such as Mailgun, Mandrill, Sendgrid, Sparkpost.

You may be able to use other platforms, but these are just what have been tested.

How Is The Support?

We have personally found that Clickfunnels support is a little slow. This is however not really that much of an issue as the software is easy to use, and it is way faster to get support from one of the many Clickfunnels facebook groups. Recently they have hired some more support staff so customer service will be going up. This is great news for business owners.

This shouldn't be a purchasing decision as its really simple to use and is generally not needed anyway. They also have recently been working on their own guides to help you. This is just one way they are still pushing their brand forward and making their sales funnel builder software better!.

What Is Better Than Clickfunnels?

While there are many different sales funnel builder options online you can choose from online, we still feel that no one comes close to the ease of use, community support and features. They really do give you everything you need to build a sustainable business.

Can I See A Clickfunnels Example Funnel?

There is no better place to see a Clickfunnels example funnel than the Clickfunnels homepage itself! This is a prime example of a quiz funnel with micro commitments.

What Are Some Clickfunnels Alternatives?

While we use and love Clickfunnels. It's worth mentioning some of the Clickfunnels Alternatives that are out there. What suits our needs, might not suit yours. So check these out instead.


Right now, we feel Builderall is the number 1 Clickfunnels competitor. There is a Builderall 3.0 coming out soon that is going to cause some disruption we feel. This is worth checking out if you're on a budget.


Leadpages comes in as a close 2nd Clickfunnels competitor. While Leadpages does mostly the same thing as Clickfunnels, we find the feature set quite lacking. They are better on pricing however.

Thrive Themes

If you are looking for a more custom approach, Thrive Themes is going to be your landing page tool of choice. However this is a professional grade software kit. This is best left to professional website builders..


Ontraport is a great pick for its landing page templates. We think they are amazing. It also handles more of the business side of things that Clickfunnels does not. This is worth a check out if you are looking at more of a design aspect for your website.

What Are The Pro Of Clickfunnels?

There are many pros to this sales funnel builder software, but here are a few benefits to using Clickfunnels.

Easy and Simple to Use

ClickFunnels make it easy and simple to complete sales and marketing funnels aims for all type of business entity.

There are different types of marketing funnels and each requires good designing and implementation to attract the intended customer. ClickFunnels is very useful and easy to use and implement.

Prebuilt Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels enables end users to deal with a range of prebuilt marketing and sales funnels. All things that have to be implemented are chosen to meet the specific needs of the user.  You are offered a wide range of pre-built funnels to choose from.

That means you do not the complex web designing processes to successfully run your online business. All you need to do is choose a pre-designed funnel that matches the requirements of your business.

Peddling an eBook and selling a subscription may appear similar in terms of them trying to make a sale, but they need to be handled differently. ClickFunnels allows you to save time, money and resource to design and organize sales funnels from scratch. This consequently helps you to speed up your sales funnel setup process.

Save Money and Time

ClickFunnels allows you to save money, time and effort when organizing marketing and sales funnels from the start. It makes it easy for you to set up sales and marketing funnels.

ClickFunnels also speed ups the A/B split testing phases as users do not have to take out the web template that are not working.

Get Multiple Templates

In ClickFunnels the user is well introduced to a selection of templates which are well tested and proven to work efficiently and responsively.

Ideal for Internet marketing

ClickFunnels is very helpful when it comes to selling, marketing or delivering products and services online. It is also best platform for collecting sales and market leads.

Manage Your Sales

The software helps you promote and build your customer base across the world by providing physical or digital products or services. Plus, you can easily track channels and sources from which your users are coming from.

Simple and Quality Web designing

ClickFunnels eliminates the need for many other business entities and third parties to integrate with your website. It allows you to design, develop and create web pages dedicated to marketing your products.

Multiple Applications

ClickFunnels allows you to develop all types of different application, designed to increase the volume of prospective sales. It is a platform that effectively boosts up the business market sales to improve your business position and increase conversion rates.

A/B Split Testing

After choosing your sales funnel, you need to have a template. ClickFunnels offers you many types of templates, and all of them are tested and proven to work.

With tested and proven templates at your disposal, the platform speeds your A/B testing phase as you do not have to waste time weeding out templates that aren't performing.

What Are The Cons Of ClickFunnels?

Now we have looked at the benefits of Clickfunnels, its time to look at some of the cons and complaints! Do you feel we have missed something? Leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

It Focuses on Lots of Areas

ClickFunnels offers a diverse array of features. Thus, it doesn’t excel in one single category as it is designed to manage every single aspect of your sales process.

Not That Much Customization

Although ClickFunnels helps you build simple landing pages, it lacks the level of customization offered by LeadPages builder.

It Could Be Too Simple

ClickFunnels mainly focuses on simplicity rather than customization as some marketers feel limited with this page builder.

Who Uses Clickfunnels?

What is Clickfunnels and who uses it?. The platform is ideal for anyone looking to sell products online. There are numerous types of internet marketers, different niches and products. ClickFunnels is specifically designed to help you sell your products or services, regardless of who your audience is.

But it doesn't stop there. You can create a membership site, collect emails and sell products. Most online businesses will certainly love the various funnels this platform has to offer.

Here are some of the top products you can sell according to the ClickFunnels landing page:

  • Information
  • E-Commerce
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Business 2 Business
  • Webinars
  • Membership Websites

Really it all comes down to how creative you are. We know people using it to build their email lists and then selling on the back end, and then other selling high ticket courses upwards of $5000 each. It really depends. But because its so easy to use, you can create any of these quickly!

Final Clickfunnels Review Verdict

I really hope this review answers what you are looking for. If you were wondering is Clickfunnels worth it? The answer is YES. ClickFunnels is a reliable software that allows you create landing pages, sales pages inside the sales funnels that people have to navigate through so to a take the desired action, such as buy products. It is a tool that any businesses should consider investing in.

Click on the button below to get yourself a 14 day free trial and test it for yourself! We hope you enjoyed our Clickfunnels Review and we hope it explained What is Clickfunnels! If you have any questions about the tool or our review, then make sure you leave a comment below. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the software!

Conclusion: Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

With so many options for selling your products online, it can be hard to know which one is the best.

But if you're looking for a sales funnel builder that will help you sell more by 2020 and 2021, there's no better option than ClickFunnels.

This software has been used by huge brands like Forbes and MailChimp because of its incredible features - from A/B testing to unlimited funnels with full-featured pages per funnel.

And unlike competitors such as Unbounce or OptimizePress, this tool doesn't require any coding experience at all!

So why wait?

Sign up for a free trial today and see what makes ClickFunnels the top choice in digital marketing tools around the world.

ClickFunnels Review 2.0

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