December 6, 2019

How To Rank Your Sales Or Landing Page In Google (ClickFunnels SEO Guide)

Today in this step-by-step guide, I’m going to show you how you can rank your sales page using our ClickFunnels SEO guide.

I’ll show you exactly how you can:

  • Get more organic customers, leads and sales for your product without spending on ads
  • Bring more credibility to your pages
  • On-page SEO secrets to building a strong brand foundation for long term rankings
  • How to ethically spy on your competitors’ SEO strategy and beat them at their own game
  • The number one SEO secret that the other guys don’t want you to know

I'll also show you the exact methods I used to grow one of my software startups to over 100 paying monthly customers with $0 spent on paid ads!

Acquire New Clients With Ease

Let’s face it. If you own a business using Clickfunnels, you’ve got two primary goals:

Goal #1: Serve the customers you’ve got.

Goal #2: Bring in new business.

No matter what industry you’re in, I bet you are a pro at goal number one. You don’t launch a roofing business or open up a dental practice without being really, really awesome at what you do.

So while Joe the Plumber might eat, drink, and sleep sink repair, it’s goal number two—client acquisition—that keeps him up at night.

Sound familiar?

Whether you’ve been in business for a decade or just got your license to operate last Tuesday, marketing your business is a never-ending battle. The moment you stop advertising, prospecting, or spreading the good news of what you’ve got to offer is the moment that your business stagnates.

Imagine if I told you that there was a simple process that you could follow to get new clients signing up every day…

Imagine if these were hot leads—customers who are actively searching for your services…

Imagine if this was the exact same process that I use time and time again. No secret left untold…

Imagine if this process requires zero monthly advertising fees, unlike billboards, classifieds, or pay-per-click…

Now imagine that I offered you this information 100% free of charge…

Would you take it?

Of course you would!

What’s The Secret?

It’s really no secret that the higher you’re ranked in Google, the more business you get.

Customers go to Google to look for a service or a solution to their problems. They type something in like “how can I become a business coach”, and Google provides a list of businesses that are trustworthy, authoritative, and relevant.

Customers entering keywords like this have what we call “buyer intent”. They are looking to spend money. It’s far different than a customer searching for something like “different business coach career options”. That type of searcher is probably going to Google to browse for ideas—they aren’t ready to buy just yet.

So that’s the process…

  • Rank high for buyer intent keywords
  • Potential customers find you on Google
  • They visit your website, opt-in and become customers

You’re Probably Asking Two Questions Right Now…

Can I actually rank high in Google?

Yes. Yes. Yes. A hundred times yes!

Don’t get me wrong, SEO can be very competitive. Ranking for national or global terms that get tens of thousands of searches every month is going to take a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of upkeep.

But I've got an easier way to show you.

Even though you're trying to rank for a few terms that collectively only get several hundred searches every month, it's still going to bring you organic profit.

This is incredibly doable. I’ve done it over and over and over again for my own pages and clients, and with my guide, you can do it yourself.

Is it really worth the effort?

What’s the lifetime value of a new client to you?

Imagine you offer a service that profits you an average of $297 per month, and that most of your clients stay signed up for 10 months

That means that every new client is worth $2,970to your business.

Now imagine that you rank on the first page of Google for a handful of search terms that collectively get about 300 searches per month. If just 1% of those searchers found your website and became a new customer, you’ve just added $8,910 in monthly profits to your business!

Is that worth it to you?

And the great thing about SEO is that generally, once you are ranked high, it takes very little effort to maintain those rankings. Get the heavy lifting done on the front end, and you literally start to acquire new clients for free every month.

Sure beats paying for a billboard.

SEO isn’t hard but it does require plan

Clickfunnels SEO Secrets

Now that's out of the way, it's time to learn the Clickfunnels SEO secrets I’ve been using for years to push my pages to the first page of Google and start building your endless funnel of free hot leads today!

This is a preview of our SEO course that is specifically designed for Clickfunnels coming in the near future. If you want some JUICY nuggets that other "gurus" won't teach you, then make sure you join my Passive Living Mastermind.

You can ask me personally any questions that you want about Clickfunnels SEO there.

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