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November 17, 2021
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Free ClickFunnels Templates

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download!

Coming up with new funnel designs is hard.

Especially when you need to build a high converting sales funnel.

And yes I know, there are templates built directly into ClickFunnels, but do you really want to be like all the other small business owners with an online business?

Of course not. You want to stand out from the crowd!

But you also want a quality funnel without breaking the bank.

That's why we built our own pack of sales funnel templates.

And best of all, they are all 100% free for you guys! I won't even ask for your email address to get them!

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Here is exactly why you should use my ClickFunnels templates:


  • 100% free to download and use.
  • Simply add directly to your ClickFunnels account.
  • Perfect for new and experienced digital marketers.
  • So much value.
  • Saving time building a funnel.


  • Only supported by ClickFunnels

They are free, what are you waiting for?


These are what I feel, are the best ClickFunnels templates you can use especially when starting your first funnel. Not only are they high converting, but they will save you money from hiring a team of designers to create a quality page that will sell your product.

Types Of Sales Funnel Templates

Below is a list that describes some of the most common sales funnel templates that you can use for your business.

Remember that they are just examples. You and your team can go through and edit how you need to suit your brands without having to hire expensive designers.

Freelancer Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 1

The core of freelancing is entrepreneurs. It is important to understand that having an amazing-looking funnel is important for your business, as it gives a good first-time impression. How your website looks is a reflection of the kind of services or products that you offer.

You should set your expectation higher than those of your competitors in your niche. That’s what will give you a cutting edge over them when visitors are deciding who to pick. With the agency sales funnels, you will achieve exactly that, and you can even have it customized to suit your needs.


Digital Marketer Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 2

If you are a digital marketer or you are interested in starting your marketing journey, then this template is perfect to start you out. Over the years, online marketing has gained much popularity with many people getting into it. It is therefore important for you to stand out among the rest if you want to attract and maintain your audience.


Personal Coach Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 3

For you to become a successful personal coach, you have to provide new clients with proof that you have helped others before. You can only achieve this by showing what you can offer, providing general advice, or advising on recipes that they should follow.


Dentist Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 4

What if you could fill up your calendar with dentist appointments on A good landing page will increase the number of people that will book with your business. With the dentist landing page template, it will be easy for you to create and customize a landing page that suits your needs.


Travel Agent Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 5

The sales funnel template for travel agents is important as it makes it easy for people to sign up and join you in your next free appointment. The easier it is to sign up, the more participants you will get.


Fitness Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 6

This type of template is important for fitness groups that are focused on diet trends, fitness gadgets, and types of exercises. Now more than ever, people are appreciating the benefits of staying healthy, which makes it a good idea for you to dive into this sector.

As the demand for fitness sites is currently high, you should not waste time building up a website. With the fitness template, you will have the site up and running within no time.


Real Estate Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 7

You can easily have your site looking professional with the real estate ClickFunnels template. This template will give your real estate company the edge it deserves to compete favorably in the industry. A good ClickFunnels template should have the service in mind and should make it easy for them to navigate your site. It should also allow you to capture their details which you can utilize in doing a follow-up.


Counselor Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 8

For most Counselors, it becomes costly to set up a business website of their own. The Counselor template brings relief to this group of businesses. Using the templates to design the website for your small business is cheaper and quicker.


Beauty Salon Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 9

You don't need to showcase all your work on your beauty work on your website. Most people in this industry would have found you via social media. This sales funnel template will ensure that you can take those clients from social media and turn them into happy customers.


Lead Generation Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 10

If you have a lead generations site, then your ultimate goal is to have a site that can easily capture the leads quickly. Using the lead generation template, you can create a lead generations site that will be easy for your visitors to fill out all the information that is required easily.


Chiropractor Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 11

Placing the call to action at the top of your site and the navigation menu at the bottom of your page is a good way to attract more people or possibly increase the number of signups you get. The upside-down homepage template allows you to do exactly that through a straightforward process.


Accountant Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 12

This template allows you to quickly get information from potential bookings easily. No one wants to read boring account service pages, they want to know that you are qualified and can do their books and taxes on time. You need a page that will be a money making machine and will generate you leads.


Ebook Opt-In Funnel Template

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 13

Ebooks can be an excellent tool for you to acquire customer contact information for your business. However, designing an eBook opt-in page is not a walk in the park, but with the eBook opt-in template, you can have the page up and running in no time.

You can then focus the energy on writing the book itself.


Why Use A Sales Funnel Template?

As already highlighted above, websites are not focused on getting sales or making money, and rather, they are focused on making the reader spend as much time as they can on your page.

Sales funnels are designed from the ground up to generate leads and sell your products.

By using the ClickFunnels builder, you will be able to import a sales funnel template from above and edit it yourself without having to hire a designer. Landing pages made out of ClickFunnels are usually streamlined to help you collect as much information as you can from the visitors and guide them into making a purchase to generate sales.

Conclusion: ClickFunnels Templates

If you search anywhere else for ClickFunnels templates, all you will end up with is either the default funnels included with your ClickFunnels plans or funnels that simply won't work with your business.


My very good friend John Koch and I put in some awesome work and hired an outside designer when we created this pack of funnel templates.

13+ Free ClickFunnels Templates: Instant Download! 14

Time and time again we would see people asking for a webinar funnel or product launch funnel when they simply did not need them.

All they needed was a single product funnel that would convert a visitor and grab their details.

Remember, you can build multiple funnels inside ClickFunnels and you don't need to be amazing when you launch. Just simply get something up on the internet.

Did a miss a ClickFunnels template that you would like to see? Or did you use our funnels to make more sales? I want to hear about it in the comments below.

Article written by Michael Pedrotti
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