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Love them or hate them, sales funnels have helped revolutionize the marketing world. They provide a path that guides potential customers to purchase a product or request for a service from a company.

This marketing technique has the name “funnel” because of the way it “funnels” out customers that will buy your product from the many that have shown interest or heard about it.


The sales funnel process starts with a large group of potential customers that have heard about your product. Then it narrows them down to those that desire to learn about the product and finally those that decide to acquire the product.

Though sales funnels take three steps, they might differ from one company to another because of different sales strategies put in place. Sales funnels can be used across all industries to achieve better results compared to what websites can achieve.

Websites are mainly created to gain business credibility in the market and proving that it is an authority in that industry. This is done through posting great content, displaying testimonials, and probably awards if your company has received any.

When designing websites, the goal is to make it easy for people to find the website on various search engines through search engine optimization tactics.

A standard website will have a home page, blog page, about page, services, and contact page. With the many pages, it also distracts your visitors. For example, a person will visit your website and start reading a blog, then probably click on a link, and they are on your socials checking out other things. At the end of it all, they do not come back to the site even if they will have learned something about you. Let’s take a look at what Clickfunnels Templates we have to offer.

Why Use A Sales Funnel Instead Of A Website

As already highlighted above, websites are not focused on getting sales, and rather, they are focused on keeping the reader on the site for as long as they can. This is not the case with sales funnels because they create landing pages that are focused on converting prospect clients into buying customers.

By using Clickfunnels, you will maximize the potential of your landing pages and have a wide selection of designs that can easily convert web traffic into sales. Landing pages made out of Clickfunnels are usually streamlined to help you collect as much information as you can from the visitors and guide them into making a purchase.

Types of Clickfunnels Templates


Below is a list that describes some of the most common sales funnel templates that you can use for your business.

E-commerce Single Item Template

The E-commerce single item template will help you to create a uniform appearance for your products page. It is important to understand that a good looking and easy to read products page plays a significant role in turning potential customers into sales. A page that’s not uniform is highly likely to distract your customers, and they may find it difficult to make a decision and ultimately leave your site.

The template gives the chance to fill in details about a given product that will help your customers understand what they need to, about the product.

Freelancer website sales funnel template


You can use this template if you wish to create a website for your agency or a freelancing career. It is important to understand that having a professional-looking website is important for your business, as it gives a good first-time impression. How your website looks like is a reflection of the kind of services or products that you offer.

You should set your expectation higher than those of your competitors in your niche. That’s what will give you a cutting edge over them when customers are deciding who to pick. With the agency sales funnels, you will achieve exactly that, and you can even have it customized to suit your needs.

Blog template

If you are a blogger or you are interested in starting your blogging journey, then this template is perfect to start you out. Over the years, blogging has gained much popularity with many people getting into it. It is therefore important for you to stand out among the rest if you want to attract and maintain your readers.

You can use your blog to carry out various tasks like affiliate marketing, product promotion, and this template will make it easier for you to carry out those tasks.

Personal Coach Template


For you to become a successful personal coach, you have to provide new clients with proof that you have helped others before. You can only achieve this by showing photos of you working with previous clients, providing general advice, or advising on recipes that they should follow.

Personal coach templates are designed to help you show clients your past achievements and your approach to training sessions.

Podcast Landing Page

For your podcast to succeed, it requires to have a good landing page. A good landing page increases the number of people that listen in on your podcast. With the podcast landing page template, it will be easy for you to create and customize a landing page that suits your needs.

Webinar Template

Conducting seminars over the internet has gotten popular over the past few years. This is because they work ideally when trying to gain the trust and confidence of your audience. For your webinar to be successful, your audience has to trust that you are credible enough so that they can take their time to listen to your presentation.

The webinar template is important as it makes it easy for people to sign up and join you in your next webinar. The easier it is to sign up, the more the participants you will get.

Clickfunnels Fitness Template


This type of template is important for fitness groups that are focused on diet trends, fitness gadgets, and types of exercises. Now more than ever, people are appreciating the benefits of staying healthy, which makes it a good idea for you to dive into this sector.

As the demand for fitness sites is currently high, you should not waste time building up a website. With the fitness template, you will have the site up and running within no time.

Real Estate Template


With the rapid increase of population in various countries, the real estate is currently booming as more people require houses to live in. For those that are already in this industry, they understand the importance of having a website to showcase your works to potential customers. The problem comes with designing a good looking and appropriate website for real estate business.

However, you can easily have your site looking professional with the real estate clickfunnel template. This template will give your real estate company the edge it deserves to compete favorably in the industry. A good clickfunnels template should have the clients in mind and should make it easy for them to navigate your site. It should also allow you to capture their details which you can utilize in doing a follow-up.

Local Small Business Template

For most small businesses, it becomes costly to set up a business website of their own. The Local small business template brings relief to this group of businesses. Using the templates to design the website to your small business is cheaper and quicker.

The clickfunnel ensures that your website reflects what your business is all about. It is also customized to help you reach more customers from your locality.

Membership Website Clickfunnels Template

Membership websites are important for many businesses, especially if you offer premium content. Membership sites allow you to give exclusive offers to a select group of people that sign up for the service. You should understand that most serious customers prefer signing up on the membership website because it also grants them direct access to you and other members in your community.

Most customers fail to register on the membership sites because of how confusing it is to sign up with most of the sites. With the membership website clickfunnels template, it will be easier to lead your customers through the sign-up page. You should select a clickfunnels model that covers the needs of your membership site.

Lead generation clickfunnels template


If you have a lead generations site, then your ultimate goal is to have a site that can easily capture the leads quickly. Using the lead generation template, you can create a lead generations site that will be easy for your clients to fill out all the information that is required easily.

Upside Down Homepage template

Placing the call to action at the top of your site and the navigation menu at the bottom of your page is a good way to attract more people or possibly increase the number of attendees in your event. The upside-down homepage template allows you to do exactly that through a straightforward process.

Single Page Sales Funnel

This type of template is specifically helpful in showing your clients why they need your services. It allows you to provide the clients with all the necessary information at once. The template condenses all information into simple facts that clients can easily grasp.

Event Template

As an event organizer, you understand the importance of having a great landing page. It helps you in spreading the word about the event, which increases the number of people that might attend the event. The event template will help you to design a quick landing page for your upcoming event. It also allows you to make updates on any issue regarding the event like change in dates.

Urgency Opt-In Template

The urgency opt-in page helps allow customers to buy goods as urgent. You can use the urgency opt-in template to create an amazing page that will serve your customers efficiently. Having a professionally done urgency opt-in page helps with customer conversion, so you don’t have to worry about turning your potential customers into sales.

Video Sales Page

If you are interested in creating a video sales page that will be successful, then using this template should be on the top of your to-do-list. It is important to understand that investing into video sales can be very lucrative nut you will need a good site to help you show off your talent.

With or without any website making knowledge, you can use the video sales template to set up your site, just the way you want it.

Quiz Funnel Template

In business, having a good understanding between you and your customers is crucial. With the quiz page, you get the opportunity to engage your clients, and with that, you will have a better understanding of them.

Quiz funnels templates are designed to make the engagement swift. You only have to come up with good quizzes that you will use in the template to engage your customers.

Hybrid Sales Page

Coming up with a page that describes to clients why they should work with you is crucial for the success of your business. It becomes challenging to achieve this without coming out as someone who’s overselling themselves. Your sales page should be created in a way that you can get the message into the customer’s head and influence their decision making.

You should use the hybrid sales page template as it will help you achieve great results quickly and with minimal effort. All you need to do is customize it is having it customized according to your needs. You can then use the time you would have spent in making a sales page on your own, to do other important stuff like capturing leads, creating content, and managing sales.

E-book Opt-In Page


E-books can be an excellent tool for you to acquire customer contact information for your business. However, designing an eBook opt-in page is not a walk in the park, but with the eBook opt-in template, you can have the page up and running in no time.

You can then focus the energy into writing the book itself and following up on the customers.

Squeeze Page template

The primary goal of your squeeze page is to get you the email and probably the name of your reader. You might be good at creating content but not in making a good squeeze page. With the help of the squeeze page template, you can easily have the squeeze page done.

It is important to understand that making your squeeze page can take a long time and be very tedious and that’s why it’s recommendable to use the template instead.



It is important to understand that the more relevant and less complex you make your sales funnel, the easier it will be for customers to engage with you; and also easier for you to convert them into sales.

This therefore means that you have to study the market first and understand the type of customers that you are dealing with for you to make a good funnel. Some of the things to consider include the desires of the customers, what they dislike, and what measures you can put in place to enhance their lives with your services.

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