Clickfunnels VS Leadpages: ONE DESTROYS THE OTHER!

Today we will be looking at two leading landing page builders, Clickfunnels VS Leadpages. While they are both great tools there are differences that you need to know before you buy. While most guides you will read are going to be pumped with irrelevant content, we try and cut out the fuzz.

What Is Clickfunnels?

clickfunnels screenshot

ClickFunnels on the other hand is an online sales funnel builder marketing, selling and delivery of business products online in one platform. ClickFunnels incorporates web hosting, landing pages, email auto responders among others. It offers you a comprehensive, unified LeadPages package for your business.

Like LeadPages, ClickFunnels has a user-friendly interface that lets you integrate videos, animations and other elements into your templates. ClickFunnels focus on building effective landing pages will play a key role in maximizing profits in your business. Now lets look at Clickfunnels VS Leadpages.

What Is LeadPages?

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LeadPages is a tool that captures emails by offering something for free, and in exchange acquires contact information. Templates are plenty and provide different types of offers. Most of online training courses mention collecting emails to you and then point you towards email management platforms. With LeadPages, you can create a whole-page form and customize every aspect of it.

LeadPages is a simple drag-and-drop software allowing you to create landing pages, email sign-up forms and convert your website visitors into leads. Its drag and drop feature contributes to its simplicity, emphasising its user-friendly nature.  Landing pages are easy to set up, saving you time you would have used to build them through coding.

LeadPages offers A/B split testing to help you find loopholes in your pages and determine which ones are delivering a higher conversion rate. Its straightforward interface makes it easy to use.  Plus, its highly efficient coding system ensures an optimal browsing experience for your visitors.

What Sets LeadPages and ClickFunnels Apart

Primary Goal

ClickFunnels and LeadPages have certain features in common. ​The difference lies in the purpose they were built for. ClickFunnels is all-in-one software ​designed to set up email auto responders, host events and process sales all under one roof. LeadPages on the other hand, allows you to create landing pages that can be optimized for conversion.

Landing Pages

ClickFunnels offers you a variety of clickfunnels templates you can customize using a drag and drop age builder. The builder is easy to use and lets you add custom elements, for example auto-playing videos and timers.

clickfunnels landing pages

Just a small selection of the templates built into Clickfunnels.

LeadPages lets you build engaging pages with optimal conversion rate. LeadPages uses simple drag and drop page builder as well. It also has lead boxes that allow you to embed a popup on your website and lead links that allow you place a link that allows a direct opt-in of an email. LeadPages is a perfect tool for building landing pages since that’s what it was specifically built for.

leadpages templates

A look at the Leadpages templates.

Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels enables you create full-fledged sales funnels in minimal time. You will choose from a variety of built-in-sales funnels for different objectives.

Building a sales funnels with LeadPages will need integration with a payment processor, mailing list software among other tools to create a sales funnel. This process is generally tiring and time consuming.

3rd Party Integrations

Both ClickFunnels and LeadPages are compatible since they have all major email marketing applications. Both tools also offer a diverse array of 3rd party integration.

ClickFunnels will help you integrate with a variety of payment gateways efficiently. LeadPages offers stripe integration as their payment gateways. Both LeadPages and ClickFunnels will help you integrate with word press using dedicated plugins. This is a major focus in our Clickfunnels VS Leadpages review.

ClickFunnels and LeadPages are both known to integrate with some of business systems and applications. ClickFunnels is known to integrate with the following business systems and application: Mail Chimp, Infusion soft, Webinar, Auber, Stripe among others.

LeadPages integrates with a variety of business systems and application: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Word Press, Google Analytics and much more.

ClickFunnels VS LeadPages: Major Differences

Below are some of the major comparisons between ClickFunnels and LeadPages you should know:

  • ClickFunnels lets you build complete sales funnels whereas LeadPages focuses on gathering leads
  • ClickFunnels offers power and robust functionality whereas LeadPages offers simplicity and ease of use.
  • ClickFunnels offers a decent page builder for landing pages while LeadPages offers a powerful page builder with numerous customization options
  • ClickFunnels can be easily integrated with a digital payment processors while LeadPages recently introduced stripe integration
  • ClickFunnels has an option for upsells and down sells while LeadPages doesn’t offer upsells and down sells
  • ClickFunnels comes with affiliate management tools and an email auto-responder while LeadPages doesn’t include any tool for affiliate management and email set-up requires more steps by integrating with other software

LeadPages Pros and Cons


  • The very powerful page builder in LeadPages is built for creating beautiful landing pages. Its drag and drop builder helps you customize your pages and achieve your preferred design.
  • Has a dedicated Word Press plugin to ease publishing of LeadPages content directly.
  • Page builder has HTML editor for designers for customization using their own codes.


  • LeadPages focuses on building land pages hence there is need for a 3rd party program.

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons


  • ClickFunnels gives you a variety of features to create robust sales funnels. It consist of over 20 funnels to choose from, each with its specific goal.
  • It is flexible enough to help achieve almost any design goal you may desire.
  • You do not necessarily have to integrate ClickFunnels with an email program since it has its in-built email responder.
  • It is fairly easy to manage different aspects of your sales funnel due to its all-in-one program characteristic.
  • Better SEO ability


  • ClickFunnels Page Builder is not as good since it lacks a level of customisation in the LeadPages page builder.
  • ClickFunnels offers a diverse array of features since it is designed to manage aspect of your sales funnels. This makes it a jack of all trades over excelling in one single category.

Clickfunnels VS Leadpages: Pricing

ClickFunnels has a monthly plan that lets you add unlimited contacts and funnel pages to a maximum of three custom domains. Clickfunnels Pricing starts at $97 Per Month and goes up to $297 Per Month for the Etison Suite. It comes with features for example email integration; A/B split testing and offers a variety of funnel templates. You will get to leverage the full power of ClickFunnels.

LeadPages offers professional, standard and advanced subscription plans with a discount on annual subscription. The monthly Leadpages Pricing starts at $37 Per Month and goes up to $321. However if you purchase annually, you get a discount on these prices. Sweet! The standard plans include unlimited landing pages, support via email, Word Press publishing and lead boxes popup forms.

Final Verdict? Clickfunnels Or Leadpages?

For us, Honestly it comes down to Clickfunnels. The reason being its simple to use, There is LOADS of support and people out to help in various groups. Not to mention the movement behind Clickfunnels helps to keep you motivated. Both softwares are great, but in the end, simple is what wins for us.

Clickfunnels or Leadpages not your thing? The check out Clickfunnels VS Builderall! It’s an even cheaper alternative.

What do you think? What else are you using besides Clickfunnels VS Leadpages? Let us know what you want us to take a look at in a future review! If you want a 30 Day Trial of Clickfunnels (exclusive to Revolist) then click on this link

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