DotCom Secrets Review, looking for something real or do you just want the book free? Mastering the art of internet or affiliate marketing takes time and a certain level of creative skills. Novices face a huge learning curve to successfully sell products online, especially when they have no support or know-how. Instead of learning everything from scratch, you learn from someone who has already done it.

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Someone who has ​created a thriving online business can explain what works and what doesn’t. A good example of a successful internet marketer is Russell Brunson. In this article we ​review his book DotCom Secret: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online.

What Is DotCom Secrets?

DotCom Secrets contains loads of actionable advice to become a successful online marketer. Published by Russell Brunson, Russell uses a very engaging and charming style which makes this book easy to read. He fills the pages with many stories and examples of his own online company.

He clearly provides readers with valuable tips and secrets of running and growing their online business. Currently, the book has over 500 amazon reviews with a 4.5 start rating. This is a DotCom Secrets Review.

DotCom Secrets Pdf: Where To Get It?

Is there a DotCom Secrets PDF Download? Of course there is! Once you go through the process after you finish you can actually get the dotcom secrets pdf INSTANTLY for download.

I know lots of you are impatient and just simply want to the PDF file straight away for download. And this is the easiest way to do it!

What Is DotCom Secrets About?

DotCom Secrets has 5 different sections, broken down into 13 different secrets on how to create a successful online business. There are also teaches the 7 different funnels you can use to attract traffic and improve conversions on your website. Here’s a brief overview of each of the 5 sections.

Ladders and Funnels

​Russell introduces the value ladder concept, a visual map of all the products and services you can offer your dream clients, in an ascending price order. The section teaches you the reasons you may be losing money with your ClickFunnels. It also focuses on how to target more traffic and increase conversion rates.

The section is subdivided into 5 secrets:

  • Secret 1: The Secret Formula
  • Secret 2: The Value Ladder
  • Secret 3: From Ladder to Funnel
  • Secret 4: How to Find Your Dream Customer
  • Secret 5: The Three Types of Traffic

The first section is just an introduction​. Russell aims to provide a relationship between a value ladder and a sales funnel. He teaches you how to combine the two strategies to create a successful online business.

A value ladder allows you to offer products to people at a lower price point when they more willing to use their funds. Once they realize the value of your products, you get a given percentage of buyers to climb up the ladder and buy your more costly, but most-valued products. Sales funnel on the other hand, is the online process you have to set to convince your customers to ascend to the higher levels of the value ladder.

Your Communication Funnel

This section teaches you how to communicate with your target audience. It has three secrets, which include:

  • Secret 6: The Attractive Customer
  • Section7: The Soap Opera Sequence
  • Section 8: The Daily Seinfeld Sequence

Russell teaches you how to become an attractive character. This is all about having an online persona that attracts people to you and helps you build a following. The four core traits of an attractive character include:

  • Ability to share your character flaws.
  • Being able to speak in parables.
  • Having a backstory.
  • Having a polarizing figure.

The second half of the section contains two strategies for becoming an effective email marketing specialist. The first strategy is called the Soap Opera Sequence, which teaches how to bond to new leads with your attractive character. Russell gives you the 5 email soap opera sequences he uses and explains how each of them works. The second strategy is known as the Daily Seinfeld Sequence, which refers to the emails you need to maintain a close relationship with your subscribers.


This section is about the basics and strategies behind a successful funnel. The section has 5 secrets, which include:

  • Secret 9: Reverse Engineering of a Successful Funnel
  • Secret 10: Seven Phases of a Funnel
  • Secret 11: The 23 Building Blocks of a Funnel
  • Secret 12: Frontend Vs. Backend Funnel
  • Secret 13: The Best Bait

One of the most important points Russell emphasizes is ​ you shouldn’t start building your funnel from scratch. This is because people in your target market may have already created successful sales funnels. Thus, you should instead leverage their experience when building your own sales funnels.

Funnels and Scripts

In the fourth section, Russell gets into details about his best sales funnels. He teaches you the psychology he uses to build each funnel and how he ensures​ the funnels work.  Russell goes further to provide you with fill in the blank templates to make it easy for you to implement each funnel in your own business.

The 7 funnels he discusses include:

  • Product Launch Funnel
  • Invisible Funnel webinar
  • The Perfect Webinar Funnel
  • Continuity Funnel
  • High Ticket, Three Step Application Funnel
  • Two Step- Free Plus Shipping Funnel


The final section of the book is a short advert for ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a platform that helps you create the different types of funnels ​Russell has taught in his book.

How Much Does DotCom Secrets Cost?

You can actually get DotCom Secrets for free if you follow this link. You only need to pay shipping. I suggest you get the blackbox that includes both Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets. One of the perks of reading this DotCom Secrets Review.

The Final Verdict: DotCom Secrets Review

The DotCom Secrets in an excellent resource for people looking to start a successful online business. The book teaches all the core strategies and secrets to make it easy for you to be successful.

Consider reading this book to get an initial understanding and then use it a reference as you start implementing each strategy. We hope you enjoyed our DotCom Secrets Review!

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