August 6, 2020


Over the years, I have seen many "ClickFunnels killers" come and go, and i'll be honest, when I first heard about DropFunnels, I dismissed it. 

They were making some claims that are hard to backup, but the more I looked the more I started to become impressed by what they are doing. 

Here is just a few things that I'm going to show you in this DropFunnes review:

  • What sets DropFunnels apart from other landing page builders?
  • Does it live up to the claims?
  • The one game changer feature that no one is talking about.

That last game changer is what got me to dive into the platform more, seriously!

Also before we start it's worth mentioning they have a special deal for readers of this post. So go here to see exactly what they have to offer!

Now lets dive right into this review!

What Is DropFunnels?

DropFunnels is one of the latest all-in-one solutions on the digital marketing stage.

The platform was created by Jordan Mederich, a long time user of ClickFunnels, who eventually decided to build a tool that would better serve his marketing and affiliate needs. One of the main goals behind the new platform was to remove all issues and obstacles he found while working with similar solutions.

Dropfunnels Homepage Screenshot

In essence, DropFunnels is a website and a sales funnel builder that is useful for building your online presence. You can build your website, market your brand, and grow your business all through the same platform.

While there are multiple sales funnel solutions currently on the market, DropFunnels considers itself the “ultimate online marketing system”. Being the perfect solution to all your problems sounds and probably is a bit over-hyped, but the platform does provide some great functionalities at a reasonable price.

I should also mention it offers some unique features that no other funnel building software can offer at the moment.

Who Is DropFunnels For?


DropFunnels is advertised as a solution for everyone who wishes to grow their business online. In all fairness, however, DropFunnels is more suitable for those who are just starting in the funnel industry and need an all-in-one marketing solution.

The platform, in my opinion, would be especially useful for those falling under one or more of the following categories:

  • You need a sales funnel builder and a blogging platform that are both already optimized for SEO and Google ranking.
  • You don’t want to spend too much money on multiple tools but instead you prefer an all-in-one solution.
  • Driving organic traffic to your website through SEO is important to you and your business.
  • You want to take advantage of the powerful WordPress infrastructure but you have no coding experience whatsoever and you don’t necessarily want to hire a professional designer or developer.

What Can You Expect From DropFunnels?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at the features that make DropFunnels so attractive.

Blog Builder


Most alternative funnel builders are just that, funnel builders. But the creator Jordan Mederich believes that a blog is a powerful tool to generate organic traffic and can help you reach your search engine ranking goals. Thus, one of the main differences between DropFunnels and its competitors is the built-in blog builder.

The created blog works in pretty much the same way as it would in WordPress. You can customize the design of the blog and create and manage posts, pages, and media.

There is, however, one major difference—you won’t have to fiddle with tons of plugins.

Page Builder


The page builder in DropFunnels is used for both sales funnels and blogs. Using the same feature makes the transition between the two smooth and effortless.

By incorporating WordPress’ Beaver Builder plugin, the platform uses different modules to help you build other widgets and customize the overall looks of your site. As a result, DropFunnels’ page builder offers over 90 widgets that you can drag and drop to build your pages. No coding experience required.

And the best part coming from the collaboration with WordPress and Beaver Builder is that there are no limits to what you can or cannot create in terms of design.

To add to that, according to DropFunnels, their whole website is built using their own platform; no programmers involved. At the very least, this means that they actually believe in what they offer. Take a look at DropFunnels website and you’ll see what you can accomplish.

Full-Scale Sales Funnels


Since it’s at its core a sales funnel builder, the platform does offer everything you need to build highly converting sales funnels.

You could create them from scratch, import them, share them, or use and customize some of the funnels already available. You could change the path of the funnel or add and remove pages when you need to. Everything you need to build and manage your funnels is available at your disposal.



Your DropFunnels sales funnels and blog also come SEO-ready, meaning both your funnels and blog posts are ready to start ranking in the search engines. The unique opportunity to rank your landing pages in the search engines is something other sales funnel builders simply don’t offer.

Now I must stress, some of the claims made by Drop Funnels that your new website will be an authority site are not true, BUT, you have more control than any other hosted sales funnel builder on the market.

Some of the SEO features available on the platform include:

  • Ability to manage titles, meta descriptions, images, videos, XML, and HTML sitemaps.
  • A dedicated SEO tab to make optimization as easy as possible.
  • Ability to connect your social media accounts.
  • Track your traffic using Google Analytics.
  • Advanced option to display reviews or FAQ schema when your website is shown in Google search results.

Link Tracker

The platform comes with a built-in link tracker that is simple and yet completely functional from the get-go. It allows you to monitor the number of clicks, the pages where they occur, as well as other helpful stats.

For your convenience, all the data is presented on a tracking dashboard. Unlike many other similar platforms, you can access the link tracker for free.

Membership Sites And Courses


As one of its key features, DropFunnels allows you to create and manage membership sites. In other words, it provides your users the opportunity to easily register for and log in to your website with their personal username and password, as well as to pay for the services you will offer them.

Having a membership site is a great way to build up trust with your users and add some extra value. The functionality could be used to sell online courses as well as to receive recurring payments from each member.

The memberships could be free or paid and you are even able to manage multiple membership sites. Plus, you have no limit on the number of online courses you can host.


Support quality is usually a major factor when deciding on the platform you are going to use. No matter how good you are, everyone gets stuck every once in a while. Therefore, having quick and reliable support could make or break any online service.

DropFunnels offers three main types of support.

  1. You can find the answer in their database. DropFunnels provides a vast database of answers to commonly asked questions. The answers are in the form of articles and concern actual issues the users inquire about.
  2. You can send them a ticket at any time. While their response time is not bad, waiting for an hour with a critical issue pending could be quite unpleasant, if not harmful.
  3. You can join the Facebook Support Group. The DropFunnels Community is thriving with its 4200+ members and growing. You could ask all your questions and expect a prompt and accurate response, maybe even faster than the ticket.

While the support provided by DropFunnels is pretty decent overall, it would be nice to see a 24/7 live chat available sometime soon.

DropFunnels Pricing


DropFunnels is available in two plans for you to choose from. It also provides some extra benefits to help you reduce your costs.

Standard Plan

The standard STARTER plan comes at $49/month and is suitable for small-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists with monthly revenue under $5,000. Some of the key functionalities that are part of the plan include:

  • Unlimited Mobile-Friendly Pages
  • Unlimited Funnels & Funnel Steps
  • Unlimited Membership Sites & Courses
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Blog Posts
  • CRM with Unlimited Leads & Contacts
  • Professionally Designed Themes
  • Custom Checkouts & 1-Click Upsells
  • Payment Integration with Stripe
  • Super Fast Page Load Speeds
  • Drag and Drop Visual Editor
  • Built-in SEO Framework
  • Built-in Link Tracker

It also comes with powerful hosting, secured with an SSL certificate, and the availability to accommodate up to 10,000 visitors per month.

The listed features may sound impressive at first glance but they are in fact standard for any marketing platform. That being said, it is a matter of preference which software you would feel most comfortable with.

Premium Plan

The premium PRO plan is suitable for those running businesses with over $5,000 of monthly revenue that also expect to get higher levels of traffic.

The premium plan offers all the benefits of the standard plan but it increases the number of visitors to up to 250,000. This should be more than enough to meet your traffic needs.

The plan comes at $149/month, which is said to be reduced from $199. The Price-Lock Guarantee ensures that you won’t be charged the full $199 for some time after you subscribe.

14-day Free Trial

In case you’re still not sure whether DropFunnels is the right solution for your business, the platform offers a 14-day free trial on both plans to help you make up your mind.

If within two weeks you decide that DropFunnels is not for you, you can cancel as easy as you signed up without worrying about hidden fees and contracts.

All-In-One Purchase


What I found particularly convincing is that DropFunnels lists all the other tools whose core functionalities are included in the platform and how much will you save from each one.

  • ClickFunnels (Save $97 - $297/m)
  • LeadPages (Save $19 - $79/m)
  • InstaPage (Save $99/m +)
  • Kajabi (Save $149 - $399/m)
  • Unbounce (Save $99 - $499/m)
  • Link Tracker (Save $19 - $97/m)
  • SEO Tools & Plugins (Save $27 - $397/m)
  • My Lead System Pro (Save $49 - $149/m)
  • WordPress Hosting (Save $19 - $299/m)
  • Plugins & Themes (Save $19 - $299 each)
  • CartFlows (Save $299/y)
  • SSL Certificates (Save $167/y)
  • Your Time, Sanity, And Loads Of Duct-Tape (PRICELESS)

Affiliate Program

To make the deal even sweeter, DropFunnels offer an affiliate program that you can sign up for and earn a 30% recurring commission when someone subscribes from your link. You also have the chance to earn extra prizes by participating in special affiliate contests and reaching predefined benchmarks.

The commissions are paid on the first day of each month. The referred account also has to have passed the 30-day refund window.

The catch, if you could call it so, is that you would need to exceed a minimum of $100 in order to withdraw your payments.

Overview Of Pros And Cons


After we’ve reviewed the main functionalities offered by the platform, let’s take a quick look at what makes the platform great and what I think can be better.


  • Unlimited sales funnels and landing pages. No need to worry about reaching your paid plan’s limit.
  • Ability to rank your funnels in the search engines. Use it right and you can drive free organic traffic to your high-conversion landing pages.
  • Sales funnels combined with an authority blog. Using both features can help you build a renowned and trustworthy brand.
  • Lightning speed loading of websites. Thanks to the WordPress core, you can expect exceptional speed on both funnels and blog posts.
  • Try before you buy. The 14-day free trial allows you to test if the platform will actually meet your needs.
  • Affordable price. DropFunnels is still relatively cheap compared to the leading competitors on the sales funnels market. Still, it does offer great functionalities for its price.
  • Guides galore. For those eager to learn, guides on what to do are provided by the platform.


  • A single domain. Only one domain can be connected and hosted on the platform.
  • No plugins. While DropFunnels does use WordPress as a base, it doesn’t offer an option to increase your website’s functionality with plugins. Still, it does claim to have everything you would need already built-in.
  • Higher learning curve. The tool does require some getting used to and you would need to spend some time learning how to work with it.

What’s The Verdict?

I remember when I first started out with digital marketing. I had no idea what I was doing but somehow I awkwardly stumbled into success.

In the end, I turned out fine but looking back at my experience, there was way too much trial and error. Of course, you should be allowed to make mistakes but I think there’s a lot of value in providing newbies with a ready-made platform.

I think that’s the biggest advantage of DropFunnels, that it lets anyone jump right into it and skip over those awkward early stages. 

One of the things I like most about DropFunnels is that it was created by an expert for newbies. Being created with newbies in mind is what makes it a unique all-in-one solution for marketing and growing a business.

While $49 is not a bank breaker, should you decide to give it a try I would recommend opting for the free trial version to get to know the platform before moving to a paid plan.

Considering the functionalities and the reasonable price, DropFunnels is a really good starter solution as a sales funnel builder. Give it a try, you might learn something new.

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