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Why an Expert Secrets Review? Expert Secrets contains proven tactics for marketing and promoting an online business. Written by renowned entrepreneur Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels; an online platform offering an all-in-one service for people looking to market their products and services online without having to make everything from scratch.

What Is The Expert Secrets Book About?

In the book “Expert Secrets,” author Russell Brunson shares 22 proven tactics for marketing and promoting an online business.

Expert Secrets is available in hardcover or digital formats, with the latter coming complete with e-book version devices like Kindle that allow you to read on your phone as well!

A successful entrepreneur himself (with ClickFunnels), Russell offers a variety of tips from including content creation all the way through email campaigns – everything needed when starting out but not yet sure where to start.

This book covers various topics related to marketing an online business successfully. One of the key concepts discussed in this guide is “attracting your target audience towards our value ladder.”

This advice teaches you how to convince people that what they need exists on a specific product or service listed by you, and will not be satisfied with any other product available out there!

While there are many secrets to success in advertising, one of the most important is understanding what it takes for your business.

The Expert Secrets Book teaches you solid marketing advice by showing real-life examples and demonstrating proven strategies that will help bridge any gap between time spent on adverts versus sales campaigns with successful results guaranteed!

Who Is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is an internet marketer who started his own company while in college. He sold supplements, shirts, and shakes on the web before evolving into a full-time entrepreneur when he created ClickFunnels.

Russell Brunson is a self-made multi-millionaire who made his first million dollars before he turned 30.

His Etison LLC today has gone on to be worth 360 Million Dollars according to Forbes’ 2017 rankings on fortune 500 companies – which shows how successful this entrepreneur truly was at building an empire all alone without any investors or venture capital partners whatsoever.

What’s Inside Expert Secrets Book?

The book “Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice, Reviews” consists of 5 different sections, with a total of 22 expert secrets. The first four sections of the book set its foundation. Here is an in depth review of each of the 4 sections in our Expert Secrets Review.

Creating Your Mass Movement

The first section covers three important things: The charismatic leader, the cause and the new opportunity.

  • The Charismatic Leader: Brunson ​writes how you can become a good leader, the steps you should take and questions you need to ask yourself. He goes on to let you know you may not be a born leader, but you can become one by following some simple but critical rules. Brunson also teaches you how to find your target audience, and determining those people who will respond best to your products. He also gives you tips on how to write a good marketing message tailored specifically for your target audience.
  • The Cause: Here Russell teaches you how to show people your new opportunity and get them to believe in your cause. He teaches how you can create true followers for yourself and your brand.
  • The New Opportunity: Brunson teaches you how to present your new opportunity to your target audience and how to convince them to choose your business or brand.

Creating Belief

The second section teaches you how to create belief and get your target audience to believe in what you are offering. The section covers the following 6 secrets of creating a belief, which includes:

  • The Big Domino: This secret shows you the most important thing you need to convince your target audience to buy from you.
  • The Epiphany Bridge: You will learn how to convince people to purchase from you, through emotions and storytelling. Russell will also teach his secrets to get customers to understand you and your brand.
  • The Hero’s Two Journey: ​ How to build your personal brand and story people can easily relate to. You will learn how to accomplish it ​through storytelling.
  • The Epiphany Bridge Script: Combining the Hero’s Two Journey and the Epiphany Bridge together with a script on how to implement your character and story.
  • False Belief Patterns: Russell teaches you how to break your customer’s false beliefs and replace them with new beliefs via your epiphany bridge.
  • The 3 Secrets: Russell introduces you to the three primary beliefs you need to break in order to make sales. He teaches you how to accomplish it via your epiphany script.

In summary, the second section is all about creating a culture behind your products. You will learn how to take your own message, ​help people understand it and consequently buy into your message.

Your Moral Obligation

The third section gives you the secrets of offering new opportunities to your followers. ​How to communicate with your readers, break barriers and have them welcome you into their world so you can teach them more about what you know.

The section has 6 secrets. Some of these core secrets include:

  • The Stack Slide: You will learn how to offer your target audience massive value and what you need to present to convince them to buy from you.
  • The Perfect Webinar: This secrets teaches you how to successfully sell your services online via a webinar and how to put the pieces together from section two to achieve this.

The other four secrets, ​the Trial Closes, The Stack, Breaking and Rebuilding Patterns and One Thing​ are part of The Perfect Webinar but divided into sub-sections.

The Funnels

The fourth section is divided into five sections:

  • Epiphany Product Launch Funnels
  • Email Epiphany Funnels
  • The Perfect Webinar Hack
  • The Perfect Webinar Model
  • The Four Question Close

In this section, Brunson teaches you how to create opportunities for your followers. He also teaches you how to make money by helping others make money.

What’s Next

This final section has one secret: Fill Your Funnel.  The entire section teaches you how to maximize your funnels and earn potential once you have established followers.

How Much Does Expert Secrets Cost?

The Expert Secrets normally costs $17.07 for the paperback option, while the kindle edition costs $6.00. However, Brunson also offers copies of the book at a high discount on his site. As in, FREE. Since you’re reading this Expert Secrets Review.

The book is free, and customers just have to pay $7.95 to cater for the shipping and handling costs in the United States. International customers are required to $14.95 if they order via Russell’s official website.

What’s more is Russell offers customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. He promises to refund the shipping costs for any customer who is not satisfied with their purchase of the book.

The Final Expert Secrets Review Verdict

The Expert Secrets gives you an opportunity to access affordable but high value business advice from someone who has a successful online business.

While there is no direct income associated with the book, the author promises the knowledge contained in the book will help improve your internet sales and marketing efforts, resulting in higher income. We hope you enjoyed our Expert Secrets Review!

Expert Secrets is a book worth investing in. If you are looking to improve your internet marketing skills, sales techniques or income, this book contains valuable wisdom.

It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning you are not even on the hook if you aren’t happy with the purchase.

We hope you enjoyed our Expert Secrets Review. Have anything else you want us to take a look at? Leave a comment below!

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