Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review: A MUST HAVE FOR ANY MARKETER!


Our Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review, What exactly is Funnel Hackers Cookbook and can it actually help you make some money online or explode your profits? Have you ever heard of it?

Regardless, you’ll want to read our Funnel Hackers Cookbook review, and then you can decide whether or not you should get it.

What Is The Funnel Hackers Cookbook?

It is a digital product that replicates a real cookbook, except you, won’t be finding ingredients to make food. Instead, you’ll be learning all about what ingredients make a right funnel.

If you’re not sure what a sales funnel is, it is basically a sales page or squeeze page as some people call it. It’s a page designed to capture people’s email addresses, who essentially become your leads.

Anyways, Funnel Hackers Cookbook is the creation of Russell Brunson, who is one of this generation’s most brilliant and successful entrepreneurs. He’s also the brainchild of Clickfunnels, which is a funnel creation software. Funnel Hackers Cookbook teaches you how to use the software to create funnels. Lets look at why you should read our Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review.

Who Should Get The Book?

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As for who should get it, anybody who runs a business, regardless if it’s online or offline, should buy the book. The same goes if you’re an affiliate marketer who promotes other people’s products. The bottom line is if you want to take your business to the next level, capture leads and create amazing looking funnel pages, then you should order Funnel Hackers Cookbook.

The Pros

We cannot say enough good things about Funnel Hackers Cookbook. And this couldn’t be a full Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review if we didn’t list the pros and cons of each. Besides being written by a world-renowned entrepreneur, there are many other good things about it. The top pros include:

Learn To Build Sales Funnels

The best thing about the book is it teaches you everything you need to know about building useful funnels. The truth is that anybody can make a funnel page, but not everyone can build an insanely profitable one. Thanks to the info in Funnel Hackers Cookbook, you’ll finally have a very high chance of building funnels that will reap your profits.

Easy To Understand Content

Although there is a ton of info within the book, it is laid out in a similar way that a real cookbook is laid out. The content is laid out into three main sections, with being the ingredient section, the other being the recipes section and the third section referred to as the main section, which is where you’ll learn more about the types of funnels you can create.

Suitable For Any Type of Business

Another good thing about Funnel Hackers Cookbook is it is perfectly ideal for any kind of business. It doesn’t matter what type of company you run or what products or services you offer, the chances are you can benefit from having a funnel page. This book will teach you how to build a page and will even provide you with ideas you might be interested in trying.

Newbie Friendly

The book is newbie friendly. Even if you know absolutely nothing about building funnels, you will not have a hard time taking in the info. It might be overwhelming at first, but as you progress through the book, things will become easier.

Training Videos Included

It’s also worth pointing out that the book includes a few training videos. If you’re the type of person who prefers video training over reading written content, then you’ll appreciate this. The videos are included for free.

Once again, the content is laid out in a way that is easy to understand. We’re confident you will not struggle to learn everything that the book teaches, but it is nice that there are a few videos you can turn to. Don’t forget, if there is something you don’t understand, then take a breather and then come back to the section and reread it.

Those are a few of the many pros of the Funnel Hackers Cookbook. There are a lot of other good things we can say about it. However, those are the top things we like about it. Lets move onto the next section of our Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review.

The Cons

As for the cons, there aren’t many. In fact, there are only two cons we can think of. Those two cons include:

Information Overload

For starters, the book is filled with a ton of info, and you might be completely overwhelmed to it. If you’re relatively new to marketing or funnels, then you might find yourself becoming stressed out due to the tremendous amount of info.

Personally, we believe it’s a good thing that there is a ton of info, but we realize that newbies might be discouraged from reading the whole thing. However, as you go through the book, you’ll likely start having fun learning about funnels, and you’ll have fun actually implementing the advice.


If you live in the United States, then shopping costs won’t concern you too much. However, for those who live outside of the US, you will pay extra for shipping. This will add to the overall cost of the book.

In our opinion, the above are only minor cons. They shouldn’t be enough to discourage you from ordering the book. However, we do suggest learning a little about Click Funnels before you order Funnels Hackers Cookbook.

Funnel Hackers Cookbook Price

One of the best things about the book is it is affordable, As in, ITS FREE. But you must pay shipping for the physical copy. You can order it for $37.

It comes in PDF Download format or physical. If you request a physical copy of the book and if you live outside of the United States, then you’ll have to pay extra in shipping.

Conclusion: Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review

So should you pickup the Funnel Hackers Cookbook? Yes, Funnel Hackers Cookbook can help. However, you should read the book in its entirety. This is how you’ll get the most from it.

In our opinion, we believe that the Funnel Hackers Cookbook is well worth the money. If you are entirely new to funnels or you have not had luck building successful funnels on your own, then this product is for you.

We recommend buying it, reading through it and then implementing the advice. We feel that if you do this, you’ll experience a good deal of success with funnels.

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