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November 18, 2021
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Funnel Scripts Review: CHECK THIS BEFORE YOU BUY!

To be successful in Internet marketing, copywriting is essential, and no one can deny this fact. It plays a significant role in persuading your readers into buying what you are promoting.

By copywriting, I mean the words you write in your emails, in your blog posts, reviews, sales page, and even the checkout confirmation message. Everything that's written on your site has a significant influence on your readers thinking process.

If what you have written doesn't look professional, you will lose potential customers. If the content is written is too complex to understand, you will again lose customers.

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  • Support can be slow at times

If you were wondering, is ClickFunnels worth it?

The answer is YES.

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ClickFunnels is a reliable software that allows you to create landing pages, sales pages, and sales funnels all through one easy-to-use dashboard.

You can literally get started in one evening and have your sales funnel up and running within a few hours.

If you’re a beginner, it still might look complicated at first glance but trust us when we say that after trying out ClickFunnels for a few days, it will be easy for you to learn the ropes of this tool.

ClickFunnels also has lots of training courses that are included when you sign up that we will touch over later in this Clickfunnels Review.

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What Is A Good Sales Copy?

You need to maintain balance. A balance between professionalism and creativity. Every sentence you write should have a distinct meaning and should convey that meaning in a creative yet professional tone.

You have to understand that copywriting doesn't mean rearranging words to form a sentence. It means rearranging words in such a way that it leads to conversion.

Even seasoned Internet marketers have a hard time creating sales optimized content; for the rest, it can be daunting and something that they will do anything from doing it themselves.

Being a marketer, you will understand that creating a copy doesn't mean churning up information and phrases from all over the web to create a page. It simply doesn't work like that.

You need to craft a content that resonates with feelings of your audience so that in the process, this audience of yours becomes your customers.

As you might have already guessed, copywriting is not easy, and that’s again is an undeniable fact!

So is there any better way to create copy for your sales pages?

Welcome to funnel scripts!

What Is Funnel Scripts?

It’s an online platform which helps you create custom, and sales optimized contents for your webinars, email marketing, sales pages, bonus pages, and any page imaginable.

The process is entirely automated, and you need to input a few details related to your product, business, and yourself.

Once you have provided all your information, funnel scripts will take your input and generate a completely new copy from previously written sales materials.

Yes, your content won’t be unique. But, that’s not the main point because your aim is not to rank high on Google with 100% original content instead you aim to get the conversion, and that’s what you’re getting with funnel scripts.

You, as a user, will have complete control over the generated copy. You can change information, and you can also choose from multiple variations of the same copy.

Don’t worry, throughout the process you will be guided by funnel scripts, and if you still have any issues, you can contact the support team.

Who Is Funnel Scripts For?

It’s a perfect application for individuals who don’t have time waiting for their content writer to create a sales page for them. It’s also suitable for those marketers who don’t have hundreds of dollars to invest on just copywriting.

If you are someone who does affiliate marketing or sells their products, then you already know the importance of copywriting. Without it, there is no way for you to convey your message to your visitors, and without that, you cannot convince them to purchase any product no matter if it’s yours or someone’s else.

If you are looking for a method or tool to automate your sales page creation process, then funnel scripts is built for you.

Important Features Of Funnel Scripts

Generated copies that are interesting and readable.

As an Internet marketer, you might already be familiar with article spinning. At first, I thought this application was something similar, but fortunately, I was wrong.

This application doesn’t spin anything. It just takes your input and places them in appropriate places in the pre-built templates.

To test the tool, I created around ten copies with different information, and every time I was amazed to see the level of readability they had. Moreover, they were interesting and optimized for conversion.

Downloadable wizards

Funnel scripts is an online application, but they do have an offline version for those individuals who cannot be online every time.

Where an online interface is meant to make the copywriting process as fast as possible, the downloadable wizards are intended to generate massive, in-depth contents.

The downloadable application has got hundreds of templates built into it, and every time you want to generate a new copy using it, it will ask you around 72 questions before giving you any output. Many time you will feel the whole process a drag but trust me, the final output will be incredible and super optimized for your product.

The Hidden Bonuses

Who doesn’t like a bonus!

As a bonus, funnel scripts gives you access to three modules or should I say three different products.

The first one is inception secrets, and it’s a recording of Russell Brunson's live training session. The word “inception” basically refers to the idea of selling literally anything by any means to anyone and making the buyers believe that the whole thing was your idea.

The second bonus is an interactive PDF file called funnel blueprints. In this PDF you will find every template inside “funnel scripts application” categorized in different sections. To interact with any of the previously written scripts, all you need to do is “click on it.”

The third and the final bonus is five fast funnels, and it’s mainly a collection of pre-built funnel templates in various categories which you can use with Clickfunnels ( obviously, to use these templates you will need to have an account with Clickfunnels).


Funnel scripts have just one pricing plan, and that is the lifetime plan, and it will cost you $797.

It’s so costly, right?

Well, it entirely depends on your usage. If you are planning to use this application to create ten copies every year, then I would ask you rather not to purchase it.

But, if you plan to create three copies every month, then this is going to be the best investment of money.

Assuming, you need three copies every month, and you invest $50 for every such 1000 word sales page content; you are spending $1800 every year on just copywriting.

So if you choose to purchase a subscription with funnel scripts, you will save $1003 in the first year. But as you are going to have a lifetime subscription, you will always be in profit.

There is just one important thing to note:

The content generated by funnel scripts is not unique.

So, if in future you want your sales page to rank for any specific keyword on Google or other search engines, with funnel scripts content you made won’t be in even top 20 results let alone the first page.

Funnel Scripts Review Verdict

Funnel scripts are not the first one to offer such a service. Internet is already flooded with such service, application, etc.

But what makes funnel scripts stand out among its competitors is the level of control which you as a user have over the generated content.

You don’t only have the freedom to modify the generated output, but you can also generate dozens of other variations of the same content, thus giving you more options to choose from.

Overall, it's an excellent application for those who know how to make the most of it.

Article written by Michael Pedrotti
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