March 5, 2020

How Blogging Helps Your Business Grow: Why You Should Start!

How blogging helps your business, is it worth the time? When I was still learning the ropes about online marketing, I usually frequent business forums to boost my knowledge and know the latest trends.

I then started a thread in one of the forums to find out the best marketing tactics out there to grow one’s business online, specifically a window covering business.

Most of the forum members told me to do paid advertising… cold emails… social media marketing… etc., but the answer of this one member really caught my attention – he told me to blog.

Back then, I couldn’t understand how blogging is a form of a marketing tactic, much less, help my window covering business grow.

Blogging is only writing… probably a waste of time. If I would like to grow my window covering business, I would focus all my marketing efforts on paid advertising. Until I realised that I was wrong.

I found out that blogging can really be a powerful marketing tool for growing one’s business online. Lets look at How Blogging Helps Your Business!

Blogging Helps Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Everyone wishes to be on top of Google’s first page results. If your website is on Google’s first page results, your website will have better chances of being visited by your target customers.

Based on a study conducted by Chitika, an online advertising network, those websites that appear on Google’s first page results receive 32.5 percent of traffic, while those on second only receive 17.6 percent.

So how can you increase your chances of showing up on Google’s first page results? It is through blogging. Have you ever noticed that most of the websites that appear on Google’s first page results have a blog?

I’m not necessarily attributing their top-ranked site to their blogging effort, since there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to Google ranking. What I’m trying to say is when you blog regularly on your window covering website, you will have more chances on showing up in the search results which can result to driving more traffic.

Blogging Helps You Find More Leads

Now that we know that blogging helps your window covering website to gain more traffic, what do you think will happen next? You will be able to find more leads. My students in my community asked me how this is possible, so I gave them the following answer.

When you gain a decent amount of traffic and improve your search engine ranking, people will come visiting your website. These “web visitors” could be your potential leads for marketing your products and services.

But of course, in order to get your leads’ email or contact information, your website should have something unique to offer where they will be tempted to give their email. This is one way How Blogging Helps Your Business.

They know that it will be a wasted opportunity if they won’t be able to collect the contact information of their blog readers; hence, they did a very nice move of encouraging them to sign up for their exclusive offers in exchange for their email address.

The ones who sign up in your window covering website’s email list will be the perfect people to send sales newsletters. And I’m sure that they will be happy receiving your newsletters, since they “voluntarily” sign up in your email list.

Blogging Gives People The Impression That You Know Your Craft

Customers are not that trusting, especially if they plan to avail a product or service from a relatively new window covering business. They would try to find answers if you’re credible and competent enough on what you do.

For example, there’s a customer who would want to have window coverings installed in her home. And she is doubtful whether you can actually deliver the job well or not. So she browsed your website… looked at your About Us page… read your Testimonial page… and then stumbled upon your blog.

And in one of your blog posts, you have written a detailed blog on how to install window coverings, and upon reading it, you customer is impressed! And because of that single blog post, she finally decided to hire you for the window covering installation job.

You may think that this scenario is far from happening in reality, but reports showed that blog content is more trusted by people than ads. This is How Blogging Helps Your Business!

Blogging Serves As A Great Tool For Reaching People

When you blog on your window covering website, you create more opportunities for sharing. If people like the post you have written, they are more likely to be compelled to share it on their social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.

Your blog will be read by their families, relatives, and friends, who might show interest availing your products and services too. From a single sharing of your blog post, you will be able to reach tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people.

But to make your readers’ sharing experience easier, install social media sharing buttons on your blog.

I often see blogs without any social media sharing buttons, and this only spells out a missed opportunity for business website owners who want to reach a larger and diversified audience.

Blogging Connects You And Your Readers

Jayson Demers, one of Forbes’ contributing writers, said that “Blogging gives businesses the opportunity to connect with customers and prospects through a two-way conversation.”

This only means that blogging helps open doors of opportunity to know what’s in the mind of your readers by allowing them to comment on your blog.

When a reader comments their ideas, views and feedback, you can use these to improve your window covering business. Based on your readers’ blog comments, you can come up with new ways on how to market and grow your business.

Wrapping Up How Blogging Helps Your Business

Blogging is really an effective marketing tool not just for window covering businesses, but to every kind of business. It helps you drive more traffic to your website, find more leads, establish authority on the industry, reach more people, and connect with your readers. Sound good, right?

We hope you enjoyed our article on How Blogging Helps Your Business. Have any questions? Leave a comment below!

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