March 5, 2020

How To Get Customers To Buy From Your Website: Expert Secrets

Lets talk about How To Get Customers To Buy From Your Website. Last time, I wrote about some tips on how to attract customers on your window covering Facebook page. And I received great responses from the students in my community. Now they have realised that even small tweaks on their Facebook page can make a big difference.

So today, let us make that big difference even bigger. Though your Facebook page is a great tool to market your products and services, do not forget that your website is one of your primary tools for generating sales.

If I am one of your customers and before I buy products from you, I won’t rely on your Facebook page alone to check your credibility as a business. I would also look for other platforms such as your website to double check your authenticity, since there are a lot of fraud ecommerce websites out there. I need to be extra careful. I don’t want to be spending my money only to gain nothing.

But the question is, How To Get Customers To Buy From Your Website?

You Think You Have Done Everything

You have everything set up in your website to make customers buy from you. You have the complete gallery list of your products… Narrated the tear-jerking history of your company…. You even boasted your long years of service… Displayed your membership and accreditation badges….

But your potential customers are not still satisfied. They are NOT convinced that your business is REAL.

Your website lacks the most important element that matters MOST to your customers – a testimonial page.

Why Having A Testimonial Page Helps Convince People To Buy

You may think that a testimonial page for your website has no impact at all to your business since there are many websites that do not have them.

According to Bright Local’s Local Consumer Review Survey 2015, 92% of consumers now read online reviews versus 88% in 2014. So what can we imply from this? It only means that your testimonials are being read by people, and they care about what other people say about your business. And look, it goes up by 4%.

But that’s not all. Based on a survey of Dimensional Research, 90% of their respondents said that reading positive online reviews influence their buying decisions. Just imagine, if you have a testimonial page showcasing your previous customers’ positive reviews, you can encourage your web visitors to buy from your website, because you have proof! There are already people who are happy buying your products and utilising your services. Lets go deeper into How To Get Customers To Buy From Your Website.

You Already Have A Testimonial Page But It’s Not Working

Perhaps you already have a testimonial page on your website, but still, it doesn’t help you land new customers maybe because your testimonials are like the following:

You Have An Anonymous Customer

The written testimonial is absolutely great; however, this kind of testimonial may raise doubts to your potential customers because the one who wrote your testimonial is an anonymous one.

To make your testimonial appear more authentic, it would be better if you include the name of your previous client and his or her job title, workplace, or location.

Your Testimonial Has Too Little Copy

Though the testimonial above might be really authentic, it doesn’t look to your web visitors that way. Anyone can say that they love your products, and even if it has the name of your customer, this kind of testimonial absolutely lacks substance. I always remind the students in my community that they should only display their testimonials with substance.

If your customer’s testimonial doesn’t say so much about your business, then it would be better to solidify their testimonial with a photo.

Your Testimonial Seems Not Real

I’m not saying that the above testimonial is fake, but it rather seems so. Actually, what kind of customer will give you a testimonial who will go all the trouble to put the registered trademark symbol there? Well, perhaps it might be already edited by the web owner.

Nevertheless, the one below looks more believable even if it’s shorter because you can somehow feel the customer’s character with all those extra exclamation points!

So an important thing to remember is not to overly edit your customer’s testimonials because if you do, they have the tendency to look fake.

But Your Testimonials Are Given By Your Customers

So you don’t have any control? Right?

You might have some objections that you cannot do anything about the testimonials provided by your customers since they are their own reviews and feedback. So you can’t help if their testimonials are short or looks fake.

But actually, you can do something.

Your customers’ testimonials are short or may appear fake maybe because they don’t know what to say.

But if you guide them, you can have the best testimonial page that could help convince people to buy from your website.

Help them get the words out of their mouth by providing them guide questions that would help them say more about your business.

More Ways On How To Get Customers To Buy From Your Website

While social proof is a massive factor in How To Get Customers To Buy From Your Website, its not everything. Let us know some tips you think of below and lets have a talk about it.

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