March 5, 2020

One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Worth Buying Or Not?

As an affiliate marketer who loves improving your game by learning anything and everything relevant to their hustle, you might have come across this term, or name, in one form or another. You might have put it one the back burner and just let it simmer while you attend to more immediate needs.
Now though, you have brought it to the front. This may be because you need to get your hustle into the next gear, or you may feel you have the lay of the “land” and you need to supercharge your way to your first million.

Whatever the case may be, you need to learn what the One Funnel Away Challenge is and put it to good use for your business. To help you achieve your dreams, we’ll take a deep look into what the challenge is and what’s required from you.


What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

Well, this literally is the course that you need to undertake for you to be able to achieve your dreams in a realizable timeline. There are many funnel builders out there, but none go into as much detail as those that are found in the One Funnel Away Challenge.

If you are a practicing businessperson or affiliate marketer and already know what a funnel is and how to build one, you could still benefit immensely from the insights offered by the three instructors of this programs. They are Russel Brunson, who is the co-founder of ClickFunnels. He is the strategist of the team, and the one responsible for posing questions to you, laying down the strategy and explaining why you will need to do them.

The other instructor is Julie Stoian. She is the founder of Your Laptop Life, a program known for equipping business owners with skills that they’ll need to use to grow their businesses. She also is the VP of marketing at ClickFunnels and is responsible for transforming the students by telling them how to do the things that Russel spoke about.
The third instructor is Stephen Larsen. He is also known as the king of offer creation. He is an affiliate marketing training coach. He used to work at ClickFunnels before walking away to make millions on his own. He is responsible for helping the students execute what they have learnt.
This challenge is a 30-day program that is meant to guide the students into creating and launching highly converting funnels, whether it is their first time doing so, or it is after several attempts.
The challenge is jam-packed with five weeks’ worth of learning material. The first week is meant to prepare the student, you, to be able to receive what’s being taught, and it is a lot. The next four weeks will be spent getting daily emails in your inbox. These emails are links to the day’s lessons and challenges. Like music theory, every lesson builds upon the last, and it would therefore be crucial for you to take the lessons seriously, and in the order they come in.
Oh, and there’s homework, just to keep you on toes and have you implementing what you learn.


What Will You Be Learning?

Several things actually. So before you buy the challenge, make sure you have the next 30 days to yourself, or at least have enough time to study and complete the challenges. Here’s what’s included in the course content, what you’ll be learning in the coming five weeks of life after the purchase:

  • Pre-training.
  • The Framework
  • One Funnel Away
  • The who… not the How
  • The Hacking
  • Lady Boss Story
  • The Map

This Pre-training week is also known as belief. It is meant to give you the necessary tools to help you through the next weeks of training. You’ll then move on to the first week.

Week Number One: Hook, Story, Offer

  • Offer hacking.
  • The greatest showman
  • Offer sequencing
  • The secrets of E-covers.
  • Create your product.

That was a nice segue into the course. Now the real learning starts.

Week Number Two: Your hooks and stories.

  • Test your material.
  • Epiphany bridge.
  • Publish your origin story.
  • Test theories or hooks.

Week Number Three: The funnel.

  • Generating a lead/making a sale.
  • ClickFunnels squeeze page.
  • Order form/sales page.
  • The OTO page.
  • The member area.

Week Number Four: Making it rain.

  • The three types of traffic.
  • The dream 100
  • Hooks (paid)
  • Hooks (earn)

The training also includes some instruction on what to do incase your funnels don’t work as intended, or fail completely. Well, training’s not over. You have one more week of instructions to utilize after the training is done.

Week Number Five: Post Training.

  • What’s next (30 days/60 days/90 days).
  • Funnel Hack-a-thon.
  • Decision time.

What Else Do You Get?

Well, here are teachers who practice what they preach. One of the things that Russel teaches in the course is that as a business person, you should always create a bonus to go along with any offer you put out. This program is no different and it comes with a few bonuses. These come to you in the form of an OFA challenge kit, yes, they are mailed to you.
Inside the challenge kit, you will be furnished with:

“30 Days”: This is a hard cover book, 550 pages deep. The book is authored by members of ClickFunnels Two Comma Club members. It details how they would start over if their businesses ever failed.

OFA Challenge Workbook: This is a spiral-bound book meant to complement the daily training and challenges. You will find a list that details all the things you’ll need to learn, and the tasks you’ll need to complete. You’ll also find links to the lessons

MP3 Player: Well, learning is no longer about sitting in front of a computer or a lecture hall. Take Russel’s and Steven’s audio recordings with you everywhere you go. Work off those carbs in the gym while learning how you’re going to take your business to the next level.

How Much Does OFA Cost?

Yes, that was anti-climactic, and very true. You’d expect this course to cost well over $5,000, and it normally would, but not in this case.

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