One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Worth Buying Or Not?


The One Funnels Away Challenge Review. So many people have been talking about this. As an affiliate marketer, ClickFunnels has plenty to offer you. However, it may appear that you’ll need to dig through lots of information, especially when you are new to it. It may be difficult to understand how it works and that can be intimidating.

There are so many ways to harness the power of ClickFunnels to your benefit, whether you are selling your own products, building funnels for clients or just being an affiliate marketer for the software. So how do you go about it?

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

The secret to being able to harness this power is through the One Funnel Away Challenge. In this One Funnel Away Challenge review, we will show you what you will get in the challenge and how it will help your funnel sales;

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day step by step training guide on having a successful funnel. You get to learn from three coaches- Julie Stoian, Stephen Larsen and ClickFunnels co-founder Russell Brunson.

The challenge is hosted by the FunnelHacker Community where you get to directly interact with other people taking the challenge and get the motivation to complete each day’s lessons.

What Is Included In The One Funnel Away Challenge Kit?

The kit contains a 550-page 30-day challenge book, the One Funnel Away workbook and a preloaded funnel training MP3 player among other materials. With the entire package valued at $3,126, the fee is a bargain and you are guaranteed to get value for your money. Imagine being able to build your dream for just $100! It is worth more than the price.

The workbook has an overview of the challenges and the tasks for you to complete during the challenge. The challenge book reveals the strategies and plans of the top recipients of the Two Comma Club that you will find inspiring.

With the preloaded MP3 player, you can even listen to the challenge during the morning jog or while doing other errands.

The lessons are valuable to every aspect of business, not just affiliate marketing. The coaches provide top notch teachings and content that you will find valuable to your business. The One Funnel Away Challenge is what you need to propel you to the next level.

Watching an unboxing review can be so satisfying but not everyone has the time to sit through an entire 15 minute long video to see what’s inside. So listed below for you is a quick reference to what you will find inside!

In order of what we feel is the most valuable and useful to your business.

The Challenge Book

This is a physical bound copy of the award winning “One funnel away challenge workbook”. Designed to give you 30 days worth of tasks to help you learn how to create the perfect sales funnel for your business. The reason why this is number 1 on our list because just how effective the results can be if you follow the 30 day plan.

30 Day Summit

Coming in second on our list, the 30 day summit access provides nothing but clarity and opens your eyes to the possibilities of a well tuned funnel. Basically it provides 30 in depth interviews of those who answered the question of what would you do in 30 days if you “Suddenly lose everything”, Leading onto our 3rd on our list of what’s in the box.

30 Days Dot Com Book

This is a deconstructed breakdown of each interview in the 30 day summit by the founder of clickfunnels, Russell Brunson. This step by step plan allows you to better understand and visualise how others have reached the 2 comma club through clickfunnels.

MP3 Player

Containing all the audio recordings of Russell Brunson’s daily trainings. These 30 recordings make for a quality ‘audio book’ that helps you further understand what you need to do to become the next big name through Clickfunnels.

It also comes with many online digital products that include access to their exclusive Facebook group that only members of the 30 days challenge have access too

What The One Funnel Away Challenge Will Teach You

one funnel away challenge png images

The lessons in the challenge are spread over 5 weeks with the first week dedicated to pre-training to get you in the right mindset for the challenge. After the pre-training, daily lessons which are sent to your mail are spread over the next 4 weeks.

It is important not to skip any lesson as they build on each other. There are assignments that will help you put what you have learnt into practise.

This One Funnel Away Challenge review breaks down the Challenge lessons into the following;

Pre-training (Creating the belief): Lesson 1-The Framework. Lesson 2- One Funnel Away. Lesson 3- The Who… Not The How. Lesson 4- Funnel Hacking. Lesson 5- Lady Boss Story. Lesson 6- The Map.

Week 1 (Hook, Story, Offer): Lesson 1-Offer Hacking. Lesson 2- The Greatest Showman. Lesson 3- Offer Sequencing. Lesson 4- The Secret of Ecovers. Lesson 5- Creating Your Products.

Week 2 (Your hooks and stories): Lesson 1- Testing Your Material. Lesson 2- Epiphany Bridge. Lesson 3- Publishing Your Origin Story. Lesson 4- Testing Hooks/ Stories.

Week 3 (The Funnel): Lesson 1- Generate a Lead/ Make a Sale. Lesson 2- ClickFunnels. Lesson 3- Squeeze Page. Lesson 4- Sales Page/ Order Form. Lesson 5- OTO Page. Lesson 6- Members Area.

Week 4 (Make It Rain): Lesson 1- The Three Types of Traffic. Lesson 2- The Dream 100. Lesson 3- Hooks (earned). Lesson 4- Hooks (paid). Lesson 5- What Happens When Your Funnel Flops…

About The OFA Coaches

Lets take a look at the Coaches for the One Funnels Away Challenge. All of them bring their own unique style and energy to the course.

Russell Brunson

russell brunson

Russell Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnel. Referred to as The Strategist, Brunson provides daily video coaching to participants of the One Funnel Away Challenge. You will get to learn the mindset and strategies behind funnel building, and tips on how to make everything work. He also shares how to craft an offer and why it is very important to successful funnel sales.

Russell provides a solid groundwork for you to master the fundamentals and the strategies.

Julie Stoian

Julie Stoian

Julie Stoian, nicknamed The Transformer, will turn your dream into reality with her coaching. An entrepreneur and a Two Comma Club Winner herself, her coaching focuses on the “how” bit of the training. Her videos provide a step by step guide on how to put into practice lessons learnt from Russell. Julie is the person to turn your plan into a running successful funnel. She is also the Vice President of Marketing at ClickFunnels.

Stephen “The Executioner” Larsen

stephen larson

Stephen Larsen will provide all the support you need and will push you to complete your daily tasks. He conducts his daily coaching sessions through live group calls. He is fun and very full of energy and you will definitely enjoy his sessions. Stephen is also a Two Comma Club Winner.

Why Should You Sign Up For The One Funnel Away Challenge?

This is the question everyone has been asking. And really, the answer is it will keep you on track and focused. This is one major thing people struggle with when it comes to any kind online business. Not only do you get access to 30 days of training, you also get the challenge kit, and access to the private facebook group to keep you on track.

You will be charged $100 to be able to join the One Funnel Away Challenge. The reason for this is because you then have “skin in the game”. See if they were to give you the training for free, you most likely wouldn’t follow the training! The fee is meant to cover for the costs of the challenge kit that will be shipped to your address.

Earn Your $100 Back As An Affiliate

It would be an injustice to write a One Funnel Away Challenge review without mentioning its affiliate program through which you can recover costs spent on the challenge. Selling one course to somebody else guarantees your money back as the affiliate program offers 100% commissions.

You just need about an hour each day for the video sessions. It is difficult to play catch up so try to make sure that you don’t fall behind.


Why One Funnel Away Challenge Is Not Meant for You?

This course is not for you if you have a very busy schedule or if, for any reason, you cannot afford to dedicate one hour a day.

You also won’t find it beneficial to you if you aren’t able to or won’t practically implement the knowledge you will gain by going through the training materials.

One funnel away challenge will also be fruitless to you if you cannot dedicate one hour of your day for a straight 30 days. If you cannot even manage to dedicate 30 hours in a month to further improve your marketing knowledge, understanding of conversion optimization and funnels, then you should certainly not take this course.

Finally, and forgive me for being rude, but this course is certainly not for you if you can’t or won’t even invest $100 to improve your business.

Grow A Successful Business with The Help of The One Funnel Away Challenge

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) combined with a basic programming language can create just about anything you see on a computer. But if you want to make a great program you need more than just the tools. You need direction and a method of learning as you work. This same concept applies to so many things in life. Building a successful business with ClickFunnels is one of those things.

ClickFunnels is a powerful tool that lets you build online sales funnels for marketing, selling, and delivering products. It’s incredibly robust and simplifies a lot of the processes involved with online marketing, website design, and selling products. But just like the enthusiast programmer, you need to be able to make sense of this tool if you want to create a successful business.

There are tons of different ways to learn about ClickFunnel. The absolute best method depends entirely on the person. But there is no denying that the One Funnel Away Challenge is one of the most popular and effective learning tools for ClickFunnel.

Why I Signed Up for The One Funnel Away Challenge

I signed up for this challenge because it was obvious that Russell Brunson has a lot of secrets and nuggets to offer. Also Clickfunnels itself, It has so much functionality and allows for so much customization that it can be difficult to understand when you’re new. I fully believed that I could use ClickFunnels as the foundation for a successful business, but that the fundamentals taught can be used on other software too. I decided that the One Funnel Away Challenge was the best way to learn what I needed to know.

I didn’t jump blindly into the decision to use this challenge. There were a lot of options available at the time. I spent a lot of time reading through online reviews and comparing all of the various components of these different training programs for ClickFunnels. I came to the decision that the One Funnel Away Challenge offered the most value for its cost. I was not wrong.

Everything Else You Need to Know About the One Funnel Away Challenge

It costs exactly $100 to enter the program. That money pays for membership as well as the various materials that you’ll receive. Some of the specific items you’re paying for include:

– One Funnel Away Challenge CKit

– 30 Days Of Coaching

– 30 Days of Video Missions

– A physical workbook

– A physical copy of the 30 Days book

– A large collection of interviews

The overall value of the purchase could easily be placed above $3000. But it would still be worth every penny if you consider the actual value of what you’ll learn and accomplish during this program.

The customized challenge kit is mailed to your door immediately after you join the program. It includes an MP3 player, a collection of digital interviews, the 30 days hardback book, and the challenge workbook. Of course, now the question is, “What do I do with all of this stuff?”. Luckily, learning to use this challenge kit is a lot easier than learning to use ClickFunnel on your own. The first thing you’re going to want to look at is the 30 Days hardcover book.

The 30 Day book is an incredible book that anyone who wants to have a successful business should read. The author sat down with two experts who have made more than a million dollars with ClickFunnel. He asked each expert what they would do if they lost all of their money, resources, reputation, and connection. They had only their knowledge and experience and 30 days to make back millions. This book contains their detailed answers laid out in a day-by-day manner.

Whether you’re new to ClickFunnel or starting out again, following the 30 Day book is an excellent idea. It’s a great learning experience and you’ll become more familiar with the program each day as you progress through their schedule. You can even make changes or attempt to improve the strategy with your own ideas. The main point is for you to learn about ClickFunnel and learn how real experts would use it if starting from scratch.

The next book you will want to look at is the challenge workbook. Each day of this challenge presents you with specific tasks that you need to complete. These tasks will help you learn about ClickFunnel, build your one funnel, and then go live. The workbook should be used in conjunction with the training videos for any given day.

The workbook itself is well constructed, organized, and has plenty of room for adding notes. You’ll also find links to additional resources that will help you learn more and expand your understanding. There is also a link to a digital workbook that you can use once the current challenge begins. This is useful if you don’t receive your workbook before the challenge starts.

Finally, there is an MP3 player loaded with audio files. You might be thinking, “I have a smartphone for my music. Why an MP3 player?”. It’s because this isn’t for music. It contains more than 40 hours of recordings from live coaching calls, interviews, and more. You can listen to this while you run errands, hit the gym, or clean around the house. And you don’t have to worry about losing any digital space on your computer or smartphone for the large audio files.

Overall, I believe One Funnel Challenge is the best way to learn about ClickFunnel and begin your journey towards millions. It even includes a guidebook for how to do exactly that. If you’re serious about your future and want to use ClickFunnel to make it a reality, then consider joining this program a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers that I think would have crossed your mind when reading this article.

Is there any money back guarantee?

Unlike most other e-commerce, drop shipping and Internet marketing courses out there that doesn’t promise any money back guarantee or have tough guidelines on who will and who won’t qualify for the refund, one funnel away challenge offers all its customers 30 days money back guarantee.

If you are one among those buyers who judge a product’s quality and business’s legitimacy by looking at its refund policy, one funnel away challenge’s refund policy might bring peace to your mind.

Russell Brunson promises to all its customers (students) that after you have gone through every course material and that includes the tuning into live calls module, you will learn so much from the life experiences of successful Internet marketers that you won’t even think of asking for a refund.

But, in case you feel that the course wasn’t up to its mark, or it wasn’t updated, or didn’t have enough material to satisfy yours or your business’s needs, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchasing the course, and all your money will be transferred to your account without having you to answer any question.

How much does this course cost?

First, it’s important to know that there are two ways to get access to this course. 1st is through digital version and the 2nd one is through the physical version.

If you opt for the digital version, then you will have to pay $100 for this course. If you opt for the physical version, then you will need to pay $119.95 for the course in which $19.95 is the shipping charges that you will have to bear. Now understand that, if you have purchased the physical version and if you want a refund then you will be refunded only $100.

What’s included in physical version of one funnel away challenge?

With physical version you will get access to a hard copy of 30 days book, a spiral-bound workbook. Furthermore, you will have access to an MP3 player which will have all the 51 course modules in audio format and that includes the daily training sessions and some of the essential Stephen’s live coaching sessions.

Is it essential for me to have my own products?

As already discussed in previous sections, this course is all about creating funnels, driving traffic, understanding conversion optimization, creating membership areas, understanding how to properly sequence your offers, and so much more.

So, it’s quite evident from the course structure that one funnel away challenge isn’t meant only for dropshippers or e-commerce businesses.

You can implement the knowledge and the tricks discussed in this course even if you are an affiliate marketer or if you are a creator of any digital product.

So, the one-word answer to this question is; NO!

Does this course have any affiliate program?

Well, if you are an Internet marketer, you are in a good look because you have just found one of the best converting affiliate programs on Internet.

How so? Well, because one funnel away challenge offers all its affiliates a 100% commission rate. On top of that, you will make 40% commission if your referred student purchases any clickfunnels product and that includes the click funnels software.

The registration to the Clickfunnels affiliate program is absolutely free but it does have one a small requirement and that is – you must have purchased one funnel away challenge course. But you really don’t need to worry because even if you managed to refer one student, you will get back all your money as the commission rate is 100%. Furthermore, you can take advantage of how well structured and informed this course is and use your marketing a is to promote it to make good money.

Do I need to have active subscription with ClickFunnels?

Well, the answer to this question depends on how you are going to implement the knowledge you will learn in this course.

For example, in this course you do learn how to simplify your funnel, optimize your funnel to improve your conversion, and few tips and tricks to drive traffic to your pages.

Now, you can create funnel with many different platforms on Internet and you can implement the above listed knowledge on those platforms to create a successful sales page. So, in this case, you definitely don’t need to have access to ClickFunnels.

The course also comes with a customized kit which consists of few prebuilt templates meant to work only on ClickFunnels platform. Apart from that, there are a few materials that are dedicated specifically to this platform and so if you are willing to make full use of the provided course material as well as the bonus, then you might want to subscribe to ClickFunnels.

The best part is, ClickFunnels offers to 2-weeks free trial and if during these 14 day period you feel that this platform is too complicated or simply doesn’t have enough features to satisfy your needs, then you can cancel your subscription and you won’t be charged a dime.

Do I need any special skills?

The only skill you need to complete this course is ability to use your computer and ability to navigate on internet (so that you can download all the course material).

Is there any community to discuss your questions or issues?

By subscribing to one funnel away challenge you will automatically become a member of funnel hackers community where you will be able to ask questions related to this course or Internet marketing. Moreover you will be able to answer to other members questions and learn from the experiences of many successful marketers and entrepreneurs.


One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Conclusion

This One Funnel Away Challenge review finds the Challenge as the best training platform for ClickFunnels at the moment. Is there any better way to learn how something works than from the person who co-founded it? You only need three things to be able to successfully complete the challenge and earn a living out of ClickFunnels.

First, you need to have good mastery of the knowledge you will learn throughout the challenge. Secondly, develop the necessary skills as you go through the lessons and improve on your confidence. Lastly, put the knowledge and the skills into action and do what you do best. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, then consider hiring a helping hand.

You can sign up for the challenge here. As you can see from this One Funnel Away Challenge review, it is bound to be worth your time.

As an affiliate marketer who loves improving your game by learning anything and everything relevant to their hustle, you might have come across this term, or name, in one form or another. You might have put it one the back burner and just let it simmer while you attend to more immediate needs.
Now though, you have brought it to the front. This may be because you need to get your hustle into the next gear, or you may feel you have the lay of the “land” and you need to supercharge your way to your first million.

Whatever the case may be, you need to learn what the One Funnel Away Challenge is and put it to good use for your business. To help you achieve your dreams, we’ll take a deep look into what the challenge is and what’s required from you.


What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

Well, this literally is the course that you need to undertake for you to be able to achieve your dreams in a realizable timeline. There are many funnel builders out there, but none go into as much detail as those that are found in the One Funnel Away Challenge.

If you are a practicing businessperson or affiliate marketer and already know what a funnel is and how to build one, you could still benefit immensely from the insights offered by the three instructors of this programs. They are Russel Brunson, who is the co-founder of ClickFunnels. He is the strategist of the team, and the one responsible for posing questions to you, laying down the strategy and explaining why you will need to do them.

The other instructor is Julie Stoian. She is the founder of Your Laptop Life, a program known for equipping business owners with skills that they’ll need to use to grow their businesses. She also is the VP of marketing at ClickFunnels and is responsible for transforming the students by telling them how to do the things that Russel spoke about.
The third instructor is Stephen Larsen. He is also known as the king of offer creation. He is an affiliate marketing training coach. He used to work at ClickFunnels before walking away to make millions on his own. He is responsible for helping the students execute what they have learnt.
This challenge is a 30-day program that is meant to guide the students into creating and launching highly converting funnels, whether it is their first time doing so, or it is after several attempts.
The challenge is jam-packed with five weeks’ worth of learning material. The first week is meant to prepare the student, you, to be able to receive what’s being taught, and it is a lot. The next four weeks will be spent getting daily emails in your inbox. These emails are links to the day’s lessons and challenges. Like music theory, every lesson builds upon the last, and it would therefore be crucial for you to take the lessons seriously, and in the order they come in.
Oh, and there’s homework, just to keep you on toes and have you implementing what you learn.


What Will You Be Learning?

Several things actually. So before you buy the challenge, make sure you have the next 30 days to yourself, or at least have enough time to study and complete the challenges. Here’s what’s included in the course content, what you’ll be learning in the coming five weeks of life after the purchase:

  • Pre-training.
  • The Framework
  • One Funnel Away
  • The who… not the How
  • The Hacking
  • Lady Boss Story
  • The Map

This Pre-training week is also known as belief. It is meant to give you the necessary tools to help you through the next weeks of training. You’ll then move on to the first week.

Week Number One: Hook, Story, Offer

  • Offer hacking.
  • The greatest showman
  • Offer sequencing
  • The secrets of E-covers.
  • Create your product.

That was a nice segue into the course. Now the real learning starts.

Week Number Two: Your hooks and stories.

  • Test your material.
  • Epiphany bridge.
  • Publish your origin story.
  • Test theories or hooks.

Week Number Three: The funnel.

  • Generating a lead/making a sale.
  • ClickFunnels squeeze page.
  • Order form/sales page.
  • The OTO page.
  • The member area.

Week Number Four: Making it rain.

  • The three types of traffic.
  • The dream 100
  • Hooks (paid)
  • Hooks (earn)

The training also includes some instruction on what to do incase your funnels don’t work as intended, or fail completely. Well, training’s not over. You have one more week of instructions to utilize after the training is done.

Week Number Five: Post Training.

  • What’s next (30 days/60 days/90 days).
  • Funnel Hack-a-thon.
  • Decision time.

What Else Do You Get?

Well, here are teachers who practice what they preach. One of the things that Russel teaches in the course is that as a business person, you should always create a bonus to go along with any offer you put out. This program is no different and it comes with a few bonuses. These come to you in the form of an OFA challenge kit, yes, they are mailed to you.
Inside the challenge kit, you will be furnished with:

“30 Days”: This is a hard cover book, 550 pages deep. The book is authored by members of ClickFunnels Two Comma Club members. It details how they would start over if their businesses ever failed.

OFA Challenge Workbook: This is a spiral-bound book meant to complement the daily training and challenges. You will find a list that details all the things you’ll need to learn, and the tasks you’ll need to complete. You’ll also find links to the lessons

MP3 Player: Well, learning is no longer about sitting in front of a computer or a lecture hall. Take Russel’s and Steven’s audio recordings with you everywhere you go. Work off those carbs in the gym while learning how you’re going to take your business to the next level.

How Much Does OFA Cost?

Yes, that was anti-climactic, and very true. You’d expect this course to cost well over $5,000, and it normally would, but not in this case.

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