It’s time for a Surfer SEO Review. In the modern world, thanks to tech, the world has greatly revolved. With the presence of the internet, the world has slowly been turned into a village. Who would have thought that there would come a time when entrepreneurs would sell goods worldwide? Of course, no one saw that coming. But, here we are now, with websites to ensure that all this is possible.

The introduction of websites has come to the rescue of many online businesses. These online tools have turned into an online shop. You can say that websites are slowly taking over the physical stores. You would ask how that is even possible. Well, you can’t ignore the fact that buyers find the online shopping experience amazing. Today, you don’t necessarily need to visit a physical store to order a product. With a smartphone and a connection to the internet, you can place any order regardless of your geographic.

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Now and then, the news about websites and online shops has been making headlines. Much has been talked about the many good things that the internet can offer. However, you shouldn’t allow all the hype confuse you. Survival in the so-called internet streets doesn’t come easily. In simpler terms, not all entrepreneurs who join the bandwagon live to witness positive results. From an expert’s point of view, websites do require one to put in more work and even investments.

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be the first thing that rings at the back of your head whenever the idea to boost your website comes your way. If you are looking for a way to boost your rankings over the search engines such as Google, Surfer SEO is one of the few platforms known for helping with that. SEO is broad, and unless you understand the world around it, you may find it difficult to achieve whatever little it has to offer. Having Surfer SEO hold your hand along the way is, therefore, the best decision you can ever make.

What Exactly Is Surfer SEO?

If you are a keen follower of the world of online businesses, then you must have bumped into various SEO tools in the market. Surfer SEO is one of those tools that you can hardly ignore its existence. The tool is tailor-made to help marketers establish their name in the industry.

Surfer SEO was created by a renowned entrepreneur and SEO expert, Slawek Czajkowski. According to the creator, the tool is designed to help those with little knowledge about SEO. The tool is cloud-based and helps with on-page SEO, especially. Via the platform, a user can easily view and analyze his or her pages against SERP rankings. Apart from the view, one can compare and contrast the pages against those of the competitors. Thanks to such an amazing feature, you can now stay ahead of the others in the game.

In addition to the comparisons, Slawek and his team spend a lot of time providing data-driven analysis. With the rich analysis, you can easily achieve as per the expectations and more. As if that’s not enough, Surfer SEO goes a step further to reveal the correlation meters. They tell you what’s working and what lacks on your pages. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, that’s what makes the tool worth attention. You can only experience all these sweet things once you join the bandwagon.

What Are The Features Of Surfer SEO?

To understand how this amazing tool can help transform your venture, it would be best if you start by understanding what’s found inside there. Well, the tool comprises many fantastic features that enable it to function as it does. The main features include;

SERP analyzer

Surfer SEO SERP Analyzer

Did you know that there are over 75000 search queries on Google every second? The high chances are that you had no idea. What happens when you type a question on the engine’s search tab? The engine responds by giving a page full of results matching your query. The page full of results is what is termed as the search engine ranking page (SERP).

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, you have got to understand how Google works to deliver the results page. With the knowledge, it then becomes easy to work around tricks meant to ensure that your site appears on Google page results. Inside Surfer SEO, you will find the SERP analyzer, a powerful tool that you can use to optimize the existing content.

Inside Surfer SEO Dashboard

How does the SERP analyzer work, you may ask? Well, this amazing tool looks at the top pages based on a given search term. It then helps you, the user; identify the factors which correlate with higher rakings. To do so, the analyzer starts by asking one to input a keyword. It then takes time to consider the results on Google pages before issuing a complete report. The report you get contains results from top ranking pages based on the keyword you had input.

When it comes to SEO and Google rankings, longer content is known to perform best. With the SERP analyzer, you will get to know other factors used to calculate correlations. One amazing thing about this is that you can toggle in between the features to see how they behave in the chart. You can quickly tell how strong the correlations are important, which is good for boosting your website.

Content editor

Content Editor

When it comes to boosting a website, content is everything. There are many ways in which you can utilize the content for the sake of higher rankings. With content, you can help enhance your on-page SEO. Currently, there are many content editors to help with the creation of optimized content. However, when you dive deeper into Surfer SEO, you will learn that the content editor there is way much ahead.

The content editor featured in this amazing tool is known for offering more than any marketer would ask for. Say, for instance, the editor depends on the same data from the SERP analyzer. Thus, you get a real-time from high ranking sites based on your search criteria. Besides, the content editor allows one to kill two birds with one stone. In other words, you can optimize your pages as you generate content. Other content editors are known to generate a static checklist or perform periodic checks.

When working with the tool’s content editor, you start by inputting the keyword, after which some calculations are run. If you happen to be using Google Docs, Surfer SEO pulls the content into its editor allowing you to write the content as you would. The tool usually suggests the recommended content length, heading count, paragraph count, and image count and not forgetting the keyword phrases. With all these features, it means that you can easily come up with perfect content based on your search term. One thing about this tool’s content editor is that it eliminates room for guesswork.

What you will find interesting about Surfer SEO

Actionable results

As said earlier, SEO is a broad area. It calls for research and a great understanding to maneuver around. Most marketers find it hard to find promising results. In most cases, it’s all about guesswork and trial-and-error. The trial and errors never go well, as they can end up costing you too much time, as well as, effort.

One property that you’re likely to find exciting about this SEO tool is the idea that it helps in crafting an on-page data-driven SEO strategy. With this feature, it means that there is no room for guesswork or trial-and-error. The SEO tool shows you, the user, what works, while you follow the recommendations. The info is usually transparent and contains records of top sites on the search engine results page.

Once you are provided with the info, you only need to include the recommendations given when revising the post. Then, you can view the expected results once the changes are made. Typically, online campaigns take time to show results. But, when it comes to using Surfer, it means instant results. In other words, you can project the anticipated results based on the recommendations you get from the reports generated.

Simple design

As you know, SEO is wide, and that means that SEO tools have a lot to offer. When dealing with any SEO tool, you are likely to encounter a lot of statistics and numbers. Often, the info can be too much for one to comprehend, especially if you are a newbie. This is the part where most SEO tools fail as they fail to display all this info correctly. Thankfully, Surfer SEO is known for its simple design.

The platform is known to guide the user from the point go. When using Surfer, you will be shown where to begin and how you can get the info needed, with fewer hustles. When using the tool for the first time, you will learn that the workflow is easy to follow and doesn’t ask for much effort. As a result, the simple design makes the whole process easy to understand for anyone.

Data-driven approach

In the past, online marketers and SEO experts had to depend on black-box tests aimed at introducing the search engine algorithms. By doing so, it means that a lot of trials and errors are involved. Remember, all these tests are focused on introducing that one algorithm that delivers the results you need. As opposed to these strategies which involve trial and error, there is the new trick, which is data-driven SEO.

When you say data-driven approach, it means that the strategy you are using depends upon a collection of reports you gather from your searches. It’s this data that is then used to create a strategy that your site should follow. As opposed to the black-box testing strategies, data-driven SEO works by replicating what is their other sites.

With the Surfer SEO tool, you may like its data-driven strategy and the fact that you may not necessarily need any other SEO strategy. The data-driven depends on different parameters found on the high-ranking sites. With the data-driven tech featured in this tool, it means that you won’t have to break in a sweat trying to analyze various sites to improve on your posts. As experts always insist the secret to online survival is keeping your site updated with time. Staying ahead of your competitors is non-negotiable. The use of data-driven strategy helps much when it comes to updating your site based on what your competitors are up to.

Google Docs integration

Unless you just landed from another planet, you must have heard about Google Docs. If you are like me, you love Google Docs. I prefer working on Google Docs before publishing the work or sharing it with my writers. Now, imagine how it feels knowing that Surfer SEO features Google Docs integration.

This comes as good news to many marketers who understand the benefits of Google Docs. You only need to add the Chrome extension to make this feature work as per the plan. With this added feature, it means that you can pull whatever the SEO suggests, and into your document. By doing this, it means that you enjoy similar benefits that are there in a built-in editor. Apart from the integration, you can, as well, give your writers an access to the tool’s editor. You only need to share with them the Google docs, and then from there everything should work as expected.

Who should use Surfer SEO tool?

As said earlier, optimizing your site for SEO doesn’t come that easily. It calls for human effort and technical know-how aimed at bypassing the channel. The introduction of Surfer SEO somehow shines some light to those looking to enrich their presence online. The question remains, ‘who is this tool meant for?’ Judging from what’s found inside this powerful tool, its right to say that it’s meant for anyone interested in optimizing the web pages.

By digging shallowly over the internet, you will learn that there are thousands of websites. Also, new sites emerge now and then. Well, the growing number of sites, it means an increase in the level of competition. Often, the swelling competition can be unforgiving for the startups, making it difficult for them to grab a share of the good things that the industry has to offer.

The good thing about Surfer SEO is that it’s not designed specifically for those looking to boost their web pages. According to the founder, this powerful tool is designed to help mostly the SMEs, startups and marketers out there. The tool works wonders for those who lack the resources and time to work around with their SEO. In the recent past, Surfer SEO has reported working with several clients worldwide, including some dedicated SEO agencies.

Is Surfer SEO worth the investment?

Understanding the world of SEO can be complicated, for the first-timers. Besides, you can never ignore the amount of financial investment needed to achieve positive results. Well, when it comes to investment, that’s where most upcoming businesses fail to achieve because they operate on a budget. Surfer SEO comes with a different idea. This powerful tool uses a data-driven strategy to give one an analysis of the SEO recommendations. Therefore, investing in this tool is one of the best moves you can ever make as a marketer. If you are, therefore, seeking a way to boost your rankings and online presence, you shouldn’t hesitate to sign up for this amazing platform.

What you may not like about Surfer SEO

Despite the many good stories associated with Surfer SEO, there are also some bad sides. These include some of the bad things you may find within the tool, which can discourage you from joining the bandwagon. Well, based on what you are after from this tool, the bad parts I’m going to highlight below may annoy you or not. Without saying much, here is a list of some bad things that I wished the SEO tool would improve.

Suggestions can mess with the readability

When creating content for the first time, it’s always advisable to focus on the human language. In simpler terms, you should ensure that you write content that human beings can comprehend. Thanks to the power of tech, today, we have got essential tools such as Surfer SEO that help one prepare their content for higher Google rankings. Usually, tools such as Surfer SEO require one to make a few small adjustments to the extent you are being asked.

Often, the SEO tool will encourage some level of keyword density. The annoying part is that the stuffing can mess with the readability of your content. For instance, the tool may suggest that you add the keyword seven more times. But, after going through the content, you realize that you can add the keyword three more times without messing with the reader’s experience. Unless you are careful, you may end up interfering with the content’s readability while trying to please the Google Gods.

SERP movements can vary a lot

Surfer SEO is one of the few tools that work on the assumption that if you borrow on-page tweaks from a different page, you are likely to experience the same results. Regardless of the hype, it doesn’t guarantee a magic bullet to first page rankings. Well, many marketers have reported receiving huge shifts in the SERPs through Surfer SEO. But, you must know that using the tool doesn’t guarantee similar results.

Although this SEO tool is known to help improve on rankings, don’t be surprised when your Google rankings decline moments after you implement the recommendations given. But, this is a thing shared among all on-page tools that depend on correlational factors to help with the rankings. Therefore, when introducing a SEO tool into your business, you must be prepared for the fact that different pages react differently to the recommendations given. Hence, you must monitor the SERP fluctuations carefully and use the tool wisely to achieve the anticipated results.

Their keyword tool is underdeveloped

As many people would say, their keyword tool is somehow crappy. Yes, when using the tool’s research tool, you are likely to feel that the platform is underdeveloped and tacked. First, this amazing tool doesn’t reverse engineer the keywords from your competitors. Also, it may zero suggestion to the keywords you find to be necessary. The two shortcomings may come as a surprise to many users, and who expect the platform to do better. It’s a thing that the tool needs to rework on because most of those keywords plugged in usually reveal different results on other platforms.

How Surfer SEO works

If you have been in the marketing field long enough, then you understand what it means to have a high ranking site? Yes, improving your site for SEO is one task that many individuals find hard to accomplish. Thankfully, with the presence of Surfer SEO, the entire process has been made smooth. However, for the tool to deliver the expected results, you have got to understand how to work this amazing tool. Without saying much here is a guide on how to go about the platform.

How to establish new content via Surfer SEO

By now, you understand that content is everything when it comes to increasing your Google rankings. Therefore, creating web content is inevitable. From an expert’s point of view, it would be best if you create fresh content regularly. When it comes to establishing new content, you need content that will deliver the anticipated results. Talk of the keyword stuffing, for instance. Fresh content can help with stuffing your site with the competing keywords.

With Surfer SEO, you can come up with optimized blog posts from scratch. Thanks to the tool’s content editor, you will get a clear guideline on content creation. This arrangement works perfectly for individuals who are creating content for the very first time. Besides, the tool works even better for the old guys in the industry, and who want to take their experience a notch higher. You can simply send your guides to the content writer and hence end up with a content you desire, and which follows the on-page SEO recommendations.

To perform all the fresh content work, you start by clicking on the content editor. Then, enter your keyword and select your location before clicking on ‘create. After inputting the keyword, the tool analyzes the content of your top ten competitors and then gives you results with suggestions and guidelines.

On the right side of the editors, you should see a clear guideline concerning things such as;

  • Structure
  • Images
  • Headings
  • Words
  • Relevant terms
  • Questions to add
  • How to align the paragraphs
  • Bold words

On the right side of the editor, you can start writing immediately and make adjustments by clicking on ‘customize’ when the need arises. For instance, the editor may suggest the number of words to use. It would be best if you created content with a similar length. When you talk about the length of your content, it would be best if you considered the fact that the content length determines the keyword stuffing.

When using Surfer SEO to create new content, you have the chance to review the keywords based on what is ranking at that exact moment. Keywords are usually split up into primary keywords, secondary keywords, prominent terms, and other terms. You must, therefore, review them to find out which of them meets your expectations. If they don’t meet the expectations, you can easily click on them to eliminate them from the list.

Often, sites are ranked based on how helpful they are to the readers. It’s for this reason that you are always advised to ensure that the content you publish remains helpful to the audience in the best way possible. Thankfully, Surfer SEO allows one to include additional info about the content. You can do all this through the ‘add notes’ feature. Another thing that makes Surfer SEO interesting is the Google Docs integration feature. If you enjoy writing your work on Google Docs, then you are like me. I find the Google Chrome extension released by this SEO tool amazing. It feels amazing being able to integrate the tool’s editor into your Google Docs. With this advancement, it means that the creation of new content is straightforward and convenient for almost everyone.

How to optimize existing content using the tool

When it comes to increasing your rankings on the search engines, you need to work on both fresh and existing content. The tool allows one to boost their existing content through an existing SERP tool. Through this tool, you can easily tell which keyword is working, and which one isn’t.

How does the tool work, you may ask? Well, it analyzes your links and audit before giving you recommendations on what needs some improvements regarding the keywords mostly. Also, you can go ahead and narrow down your results based on either mobile or desktop. This makes it easy to boost your site for either of the two options. Also, you can ask for quick or full results based on the geographic location. The tool turns all the workload into an easy task. Backlinks are also a common factor to consider when it comes to boosting your online presence.

Unfortunately, most individuals fall victim to missing backlinks. If not careful, the missing links can see your rankings decline. Surfer SEO helps with link building to help with giving the extra push.

Comparison between Surfer SEO and other SEO tools

Surfer SEO vs. Cora

Recently, SEO tools have become the most sought-after tools. Well, with the rising demand for websites, the trend is acceptable. Apart from the Surfer SEO you know, there is Cora, as well. In the recent past, Cora has been making waves in the SEO world for being similar to Surfer SEO.

In the past, Cora took the lead as the only on-page analysis tool available charging $250 a month. Therefore, if you happen to be operating on a tight budget, Cora may be the tool for you. When it comes to the user experience, many people find it hard to crack what Cora has to offer. The tool doesn’t have an ‘easy to use’ interface as it’s with Surfer SEO. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool that won’t be a pain in the neck, then you should consider Surfer SEO. You will enjoy the visual representation offered at Surfer SEO.

Currently, Surfer has four extra features as compared to Cora. The features make it faster as compared to Cora when it comes to updating new features and implementing user feedback. By analyzing the comparisons, you can agree that both tools are fantastic in their ways. You only need to go for a tool that will help you achieve what you need.

TLDR: Surfer is the clear winner.

Surfer vs. Page Optimizer Pro

Page Optimizer Pro or POP as known by many is another SEO tool that keeps the team at Surfer on their toes. If you are used to the world of SEO, you have probably encountered the hype associated with this amazing tool. The truth is that both POP and Surfer are amazing when it comes to results. However, Surfer wins when it comes to the user interface. The platform has a modern, slick and clear interface. On the other end, POP suffers the same problem as most data analysis tools, which is focusing on crunching numbers and not the user interface.

Both tools do an excellent job of analyzing keyword, page structure, and schema. However, Surfer sets a difference and goes a step further by covering additional features such as the page speed, backlinks and site structure. POP wins when it comes to the pricing plans. On POP, you can sign up for the starter package which goes for $10 per month. You can’t as well forget the seven-day free trial that the platform offers. The bargain is way much considerate as opposed to the $29 pricing asked by Surfer.

Website Auditor vs. Surfer

Another tool that has been creating attention in the world of SEO is the Website Auditor. First, this tool is a bit different based on the fact that it’s not cloud-based. Hence, you have to download it and install it in your pc first. When compared to Surfer, you can say that the Website Auditor is a generalist while Surfer is a specialist. Well, both tools do most of the general stuff that you expect from an SEO tool. But, Surfer goes further to work on proper correlational on-page SEO. It provides a deep analysis that is difficult to hack using the Website Auditor.

Both tools use a data-analysis strategy to help with increasing the rankings. Website Auditor bases its results from the very first page of search results. On the other side, Surfer gathers data from the highly ranked 47 pages as per your inquiry. Therefore, when it comes to comparative data, Surfer takes the win.

As stated earlier, the Website Auditor requires one to download and install the software to enjoy what it has to offer. You only need to get its license which will cost you around $130, a one-time thing. The cost is a massive saving when compared to $29-59 monthly fees you are likely to incur when you choose Surfer.

Surfer SEO’s pricing Plans

At this juncture, you know almost everything regarding Surfer SEO. The high chances are that you are almost making up your mind to sign up at the platform. However, you can’t do that unless you hear the pricing first. One thing that I realized is that the tool offers considerable prices based on what you find inside.

The tool comes with five different pricing plans from which you can choose from. First, there is the ‘Hobby Plan’ which charges $29 per month. This low-end plan is much recommended for the startups or those trying to test what the tool can do to their sites. With the hobby plan, you get five queries a day. The plan takes into account 250 factors, while all the other plans consider 500 factors.

Honestly, these days the hobby plan is enough for what myself and most people need!

Second, the list is the ‘Basic Plan’ which charges $59 per month. Often, this plan is recommended as it delivers much of what the tool has to offer. The plan allows up to 25 queries for the content editor, which is more than ok. If you want to take your online presence a step further, you can go ahead and sign up for the ‘Pro Plan’ which charges $99 per month.

The fourth plan in this program is the ‘Business Plan’ and which charges $199 per month. This program is specially designed for individuals who are looking to lift their venture into greater heights. If you find the ‘Business Plan’ to be unfulfilling, then you can go ahead and register for the ‘Business plus Plan’ which goes for $650 per month. With this high-end subscription, it means that you can get to enjoy everything out there that the SEO tool has to offer.


Friendly user interface

Now and then, new SEO tools hit the market intending to set a difference. But, they fail on one thing and that’s creating an interface that’s easy to comprehend. Surfer excels when it comes to establishing a friendly interface. The workflow in there is simple to follow while the results are actionable and easy to understand and use. The easy interface makes it easy for even the newbies to use this SEO and chase their anticipated goals.

Uses more than 500 ranking factors

This SEO tool uses a data-analysis strategy to analyze the results of other sites with high SERP. With the high ranking factors, it means that the chances of achieving the anticipated results are high.

Gives multiple views

Surfer is among the few reliable tools that can give multiple views related to your SEO work. With the tool, you can get a table view, chart view, and a SERP view. With the three options, it’s much easy to come up with a conclusive decision regarding your decisions.

Gives rich recommendations

Surfer SEO is known for using all the available pieces of info from high ranking sites to come up with recommendations aimed at improving the page in question.


Limited queries per day

Surfer excels in many ways but fails when it comes to the number of queries one can make within a given day. The platform limits one to a specific number of queries they can make based on the subscription plan. For instance, you may be limited to 50 queries a day, which may not be enough for the big agencies.

Doesn’t show the metric of other sites

Surfer SEO’s search results contain the averages of other websites. Well, the averages may be of many benefits when it comes to planning for the improvements on your site. However, metrics would be much better if they are provided. That’s one shortcoming that comes with using Surfer SEO as it doesn’t give metrics of the other sites.

Final Verdict: Surfer SEO Review

Since establishment, Surfer SEO has been getting a lot of buzz and media attention. As many people would say, it’s one of the few major tools that you may require to jump-start with your online presence.

As explained in this piece, this amazing tool features a unique level of accuracy, reliability and a bunch of stuff that you can rarely get from other SEO tools. With even the lowest pricing plan, you can get a taste of what the tool has to offer.

However, I’d advise that you invest in higher plans to avoid the frustrations that come with depreciating your credits. Besides, with a higher plan, it means that you get a step higher towards increasing your rankings over the internet.

Although I had to introduce the bad sides of Surfer SEO, it’s good to acknowledge the fact that the good sides outweigh the bad side. Talk of the accurate keyword tool to the content editor, these entire features make the SEO tool a great investment.

Therefore, if you are looking to smarten your SEO and boost your content, you can do much better by including Surfer SEO in your journey.

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